The Philadelphia Covid Experiment 

By Adina Kutnicki

BY now, a mountainous volume of evidence exists that the plandemic was an evil by-product of detailed planning between the deep state — with Dr. Death and Co., leading the charge through deadly Gain of Function Frankensteinian experiments — and the CCP totalitarian regime. Goal: The ushering in of the Great Reset/New World Order. Incontestably, of this there is no doubt. The global indictment is linked below.

EVEN so, those who obey the next round of draconian dictates from the deep state, well, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Not only that, how many have wondered why the very same CCP has recently adopted the insane “zero covid” policy, in turn, exacting a brutal lock-down in Shanghai, its largest, richest, and most prominent city?? Could it be that this template was planned to set the global stage to be followed by the deep state, and, with it, knock-on effects throughout the world??

IN any case, Philly, one of the most corrupt blue-state, cesspool-like cities, ironically, was the place which used to be synonymous with epic, patriotic feats. Yes, it is not for nothing that it has been coined the “cradle of liberty“, that is, because it was where the Continental Congress and Constitutional Convention birthed America’s underpinnings of freedom and liberty.

NOW, hold on tight for what the Luciferian monsters of monsters have planned this go-around — if not thwarted by a MASSIVE RESISTANCE. Forewarned.

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | April 15, 2022

The Deep State has chosen Philadelphia as a testbed to gauge how citizens will psychologically respond to a fresh round of sweeping Covid-19 mandates, according to an April 12 Office of Military Commission report compiled by “White Hats” at Marine Corps General David H. Berger’s office.

In what the military believes is a retaliatory response to Deep State arrests, the city of Philadelphia and its malevolent mayor Jim Kenney have once again imposed upon the citizenry draconian mandates meant to cause turmoil, confusion, hardship, and financial ruin.

The city of brotherly love last week issued a new indoor mask mandate, effective April 18, citing a non-existent rise in Omicron BA.2 subvariant cases. Mayor Kenney said a “deadly” Omicron surge was sweeping the city, and Cheryl Bettigole, the city’s health commissioner, said in a news conference that Covid was sickening “thousands and thousands of Philadelphians”—a blatant lie.

In fact, people not tested for the fake virus are being told they’re Covid positive and to self-quarantine for 7 days. For example, Thelma Robinson of south Philadelphia had heard on an evening CNN broadcast that Covid had seized the city in its icy grip. At the time she had a mild cold and, for an abundance of caution, went online to schedule a Covid-19 test at a local CVS for the following day. Upon arriving at CVS, she saw a line of fearful sheeple wrapped around the building. Having other tasks to carry out that morning, she skipped the test. Forty-eight hours later she received an email saying her test results were available. It was unwelcome news. According to the test she had not taken, she tested positive for Omicron and was encouraged to self-isolate for at least seven days, and to mask-up if she went outside.

The email also encouraged her to get vaccinated, even though she was already triple-vaxxed.

If Ms. Robinson’s case were an isolated incident, we could blame it on human error, call it an honest mistake. But situations such as hers have been broadly reported since the start of the plandemic.

When you register on a pharmacy’s website, your name and other identifiable information is entered into a database, which is shared with the CDC, and with county and state health agencies, even if you never show up for the actual test. Behind the scenes someone within those agencies is arbitrarily deciding whom to declare Covid positive.

“They’re up to their old tricks again, faking cases and resurrecting mandates that were never needed and always proved ineffective. We’ve seen a blueprint for their agenda, and it doesn’t stop with mask mandates, or with Philadelphia,” our source said.

On April 19, Philadelphia’s mayor will deploy a Covid enforcement team to audit businesses for mask compliance. Insubordinate shops and eateries will have only 72 hours to adopt the city’s authoritarian policies, or face stiff fines and potential loss of operating licenses. These illegal regulations will cause great adversity for businesses that almost went bankrupt during the first and second waves of the plandemic.

Moreover, indoor mask mandates are just the beginning, as Mayor Kenney is mulling over the idea of bringing back stay at home orders and even demanding citizens show proof of vaccination to ride public transportation.

“We didn’t expect they’d pull this move till after midterms,” our source said. “But there’s warped thinking going on. Many Deep State democrats think Biden’s falling poll numbers are caused by the lifting of mandates, and they want to see if putting mandates back in place will boost his popularity. It sounds nuts, I know, but it’s true. They’re also not happy that their numbers are dwindling, thanks to the work of White Hats, and they will, make no mistake, take their anger out on their own constituents.”

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