Psaki Paid Tik Tokers to Promote Administration Propaganda 

By Adina Kutnicki

IT is always the case that totalitarianism is only a short step away, that is, from freedom-based nations that take a dark, hard-left turn — tragically, with countless hardly aware that anything is amiss, until it too late.

THIS is the case, most especially, in America. For all intents and purposes, one would be hard pressed to state (with a straight face) that the Biden/Obama-redux regime is not in line with a myriad of totalitarian regimes, namely, Russia and Ukraine. Yes, Zelensky’s regime has been consolidating dictatorial power, well before Putin’s invasion!

FOR a sobering rendition — never mind, the western slobber-fest hoisted atop Zelensky’s head — listen up.

ONCE done, another straight shooter tells the dangerous tale, so, click here. Indeed, all is not as it seems.

THE point being, only a regime that has already thrown freedom into the trash-heap of history would find it acceptable to pay — akin to “Johns” for the services of their whores — anyone, let alone fully ignorant tik-tokkers, to feed an unsuspecting public propaganda talking-points for the benefit of brain-washing, as per what “really” is isn’t. Who does that? Alas, Putin’s state media and Ukraine’s, too. A laundry list of others, alike.

ONTO more of the dangerous details.

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | March 22, 2022

Multiple sources speaking to Real Raw News under promise of anonymity said the criminal Biden regime paid Tik Tok influencers to slander Russian President Putin and to misrepresent the cause of soaring inflation in the United States.

On Thursday, 10 March, 30 Generation-Z Tik Tokers, all liberal Biden supporters, gathered on a ZOOM call hosted by National Security Council staffers and the administration’s most malevolent mouthpiece, Jen Psaki. After an administration insider told RRN that Psaki and the lawless administration’s communications director, Kim Bedingfield, offered the Tik Tokers cash in exchange for cooperation, we tried to verify the claim by reaching out to all 30.

Of the 12 who replied to our inquiry, 6 told us to “fuck off,” 3 accused us of being dirty Trump supporters, and 2 said we were agents of Vladimir Putin.

But one spoke discreetly, provided we shielded his/her identity; he/she does not want to lose the Tik Tok account or the many disciples. We are concealing the Tik Toker’s name and gender to mitigate risk of the administration identifying the person.

The Tik Tokers on the call, the source said, first signed non-disclosure agreements prohibiting them from speaking negatively about the administration. The NDA also stipulated they not disclose renumeration received for participating on the call. Moreover, it “encouraged” them to vilify Vladimir Putin and promote administration propaganda.

The nature of that ZOOM call is no secret. Many Tik Tokers eagerly shared the gist of it with their followers: Vladimir Putin is evil and responsible for the soaring cost of groceries and fuel prices. Putin is bad; Biden is good, they were told.

They kept hidden, however, their financial discussions with Psaki, which took place days ahead of the ZOOM call.

“Jen [Psaki] negotiated different deals to all of us. I don’t want to say what I was offered because it would give me away. Some got a lot, and some less. I know because I’m in touch with other influencers. I know one girl got offered $50,000. The more followers you have, the more money you got. She told us to pretty much blame Putin for everything wrong going on in the world, and to throw Trump’s name out there too, but to only make positive statements about President Biden,” the Tik Toker said.

Asked why he/she was willing to come clean and violate the NDA, the Tik Toker added, “Well, I know it was wrong, unethical. I can’t take back what I’ve said on my platform, but I do have regrets. There’s more I’d like to share, but, again, it will give me away if Jen ever hears about the conversation we’re having right now. I can tell you that Jen cherrypicked popular influencers based on their liberalness.”

The Tik Toker’s statements support the contentions of the administration whistleblower, who said Psaki and Bedingfield paid influencers between $5,000-$50,000, depending on both popularity and willingness to publicly traduce Putin.

“It’s the epitome of corruption. The admin’s propaganda machine is working overtime. They’re doing everything they can so people won’t wake up,” the administration whistleblower said.

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