Putin: Bombed Hospital Was Really Bioweapon Storage Facility 

UPDATE: Breaking: Russia Convenes UN Security Council Meeting to Present BioLab Evidence Friday at 11 AM

By Adina Kutnicki

NO adult with operating brain cells is unaware that propaganda is a staple of Russia, yes, akin to totalitarian regimes world-over. That’s hardly news. On the other hand, those who were entrusted to tell the truth as America’s third rail estate — with the full understanding that the political class lies as easily as they breathe —  turned out to become equally adept spin-meisters. L I A R S!

Pinocchio Liar GIF - Pinocchio Liar Liar Liar Pants On Fire GIFs

BUT America’s well-paid whores have NO shame. NO honor — even when their pants are on fire! Alight. This is self-evident, most tellingly, as they feign, tsk, tsk and claim the moral high road. Nothing can be further from the truth.

STILL yet, for some current historical perspective, consider the fact that Zelensky’s regime is a criminal entity; bought and paid for by Globalists, America’s deep state puppeteers included.

ATOP it all, and as more than food for thought: The following visual aids should set the record straight, per Zelensky’s New World Order/Globalist roots:

 Demonic, Luciferian symbolism.

ALONG said twisted historical roots, here’s a most significant question for some much needed perspective and truth-telling: What other cobbled together Globalist entity ALWAYS utilizes civilians as human shields, indeed, a war crime among war crimes? Answer: The PA/Fatah/Hamas junta, that’s who!

WITH said non-sanitized reporting cited above, let’s jump to the incessant 24/7 so-called reporting re the bombed hospital and agree: Overwelmingly, it is always tragic when civilians are not only caught in the cross-fire but used as human shields, too. Civilized folks should, at least, come together on that.

THAT being established, as per the bio-weapons spread throughout Ukraine, well, it has already been confirmed that the facts within RNN are, yes, just that, facts. So, let’s not quibble and become distracted by the Mockingbird Media’s hysteria. Instead, let’s place the onus where it lies: Atop the criminal Zelensky regime, in tandem with their enablers.

RESOLVED, bear the above utmost in mind,

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | March 10, 2022

Tales of the Russian military indiscriminately bombing a maternity ward brimming with civilians and pregnant women are either exaggerated or outright inaccurate, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on a Wednesday evening telephone call with Donald Trump.

A Mar-a-Lago source privy to that call told Real Raw News that, according to Putin, the maternity and children’s hospital in southern Ukraine was a bioweapon storage facility that held weaponized smallpox and other lethal pathogens. Putin insisted Zelenskyy knew of the toxins and said he’d given the Ukrainian president a stern admonition in advance of the strike: Evacuate your people, but don’t touch the weapons, because we’ll be watching.

“Putin told Trump that Zelenskyy got 24-hour notice and could have easily cleared the ward. True or not, Putin says he would have guaranteed patients safe passage to a nearby hospital.”

His voice quavering, Putin also told Trump that he regretted loss of life, but said Zelenskyy was responsible because he cowardly hid weapons of mass destruction behind human shields. Moreover, Putin refuted a Mariupol city council statement claiming that Russian bombs had obliterated not only the hospital but also several city blocks.

“Five people died, President Trump, and, yes, that is regrettable. But our strikes were surgical. Reports placed more than 200 people in the building. If I wanted to kill Ukrainians, your Western news would report 200 dead, not five people. Zelenskyy refused to have those people evacuated, and we told him. Its on his head, not mine. This filth care about protecting those that pay him, not civilian lives,” Putin reportedly said to Trump.

When Trump asked if reports of thermobaric weapons being deployed were correct, Putin said, “Yes, I had no choice. We must use ordnance that burns hot enough to destroy pathogen. Conventional bombs do not do that, President Trump. But I was careful as could be.”

The biologic weapons, Putin added, had been stored unsafely and haphazardly in standard vaccine freezers on a floor beneath the maternity ward. Consequently, one misstep could have caused hundreds of thousands of preventable fatalities.

Ebola, smallpox, plague—the rogue’s gallery of highly infectious deadly pathogens is frighteningly long and their ability to cause disaster is great, which is why BSL-4 pathogens are typically studied under scrutiny and within the tightly controlled confines of a biosafety level 4 (BSL4) facility.

Yet Putin said the bombed hospital had no safeguards, no safety protocols, and that the slipshod hospital was an ecological disaster waiting to happen.

“Believe me, nobody is more in line with what you’re doing than me, but you know I can’t say that in public. This will be the biggest reveal when it’s known, but right now, President Putin, Sleepy Joe and the Lamestream News are going absolutely crazy saying you’re killing women and children. Trust me, many people I’ve talked to understand what you’re going through. What you’re doing is something like we’ve never seen before,” Trump told Putin.

Putin closed the call in saying they’d speak again soon; he had work to accomplish.

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