Shock Claim: Russian Spetznas Liberate Child Trafficking Victims in Ukraine

By Adina Kutnicki

THE rule of thumb within is the same as always: Trust, but verify. Its basis was expounded upon in the previous report.

IN this regard, the contents within the below report should be treated as such. Simply put, Putin’s claims should be seen as: Maybe, maybe not.

OF course, this follows along the same trusted path and line of strategic thinking: Until President Trump’s people signal, in one way or another, yay or nay, well,

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | Feb. 27, 2022

It seems an implausible tale.

Valiant Spetznas searching for an alleged bioweapons laboratory in central Ukraine accidently stumble upon a child trafficking den, a dimly lit bunker holding 100 young boys and girls whose eyes dilate when the soldiers’ flashlights illuminate the decrepit chamber. Some are emaciated, while others, mostly little girls, appear in better health, as if their jailors pick and choose who to feed and who to let starve to the bone. They are children of eclectic nationalities—Ukrainian, Russian, Polish, Romanian, Swiss, French, and, yes, American—and many have a wrist or ankle shackled to the floor or a wall. Many children tremble at the sight of a dozen Spetsnaz sweeping assault rifles from side to side, undoubtedly uncertain of the soldiers’ intentions.

“Who here speaks Russian?” a soldier calls out.

Hands go up.

“We bring you no harm. Who did this to you? Where are they?” the soldier asks.

A child points to the heavy iron door the Spetznas had breeched to enter the chamber. “They left maybe two days and not come back,” he says. “We never saw faces only masks. They speak little Russian, mostly Ukrainian. We are very hungry.” He points to his stomach, seemingly more concerned with food than freedom.

“It’s all right now. We take you out of here, all of you,” a soldier says. “We bring you back to your families.”

As they leave, a teen boy relays to a soldier a grim tale. He has been shuffled between several of what he calls “detskiye adskiye lagerya,” or child hell camps, sometimes hours’ drive apart. The world is big, he says, adding he is clueless as to what country he is in or what cities are nearby. He was abducted, he guesses, two months ago, from his bedroom in the outskirts of Belgorod, a Russian border city. He has seen many children brought into the camps, only to vanish days later.

It seems an implausible tale and could be propaganda, but it’s what Russian President Vladimir Putin told Donald J. Trump on their fourth telephone call since the crisis began, a Mar-a-Lago source told Real Raw News.

“They spoke after Trump got back from C-PAC last night, and Putin gave the story of his men having saved those kids. Trump asked him to congratulate the soldiers on his behalf, because ‘child trafficking is a very terrible crime, and evil’ but only if the story is true. Putin insisted it was and said he wanted to send the American children home, but didn’t trust Joe Biden or the U.S. State Department. He asked Trump to facilitate their safe return to American soil,” our source said.

“If you’re honest, of course I’ll bring our children home,” Trump reportedly told Putin.

Our source said Trump regarded Putin with suspicion, for he has yet to verify claims that Putin has been bombing and shelling Western-sponsored biolabs dotting the Ukrainian countryside.

“Putin brought up the biolabs, said his army destroyed dozens, but there were still hardened ones in remote locations that had to be taken out,” our source said.

“If Zelenskyy lets us destroy those labs and does not resist, we would leave Ukraine right after,” Putin purportedly told Trump.

Putin also said stories about the Ukrainian army killing thousands of Russian troops and destroying hundreds of tanks were purely Western media propaganda.

In closing, we asked our source why Trump, during a Fox News Digital interview last night, sympathized with Zelenskyy and called for “strong and swift” sanctions against Russia and Putin.

“Trump is a tactician. There are things he can’t say in public. Don’t forget he also said he doesn’t discuss his moves on television,” our source said.

Note: Real Raw News does not endorse Putin, nor do we endorse Zelenskyy. We are only reporting what Putin has told Trump, not attesting to whether Putin is truthful.

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