Putin Vows to “Crush” Child Traffickers in Ukraine

By Adina Kutnicki

HOT on the heels of yesterday’s post, Shock Claim: Russian Spetznas Liberate Child Trafficking Victims in Ukraine, along comes another explosive report in furtherance of the same.

AND whether Putin’s veracity re the above is proven to be the case, well, it remains to be seen. But what doesn’t need further corroboration is this: The Biden Crime Family is neck-deep in Ukraine’s criminal underbelly, most tellingly, child and human trafficking! As such, the question becomes: What better way to eliminate Hunter’s footprints and fingerprints inside Ukraine, than to “red light/green light” the conditions for an invasion?

SO, in furtherance to the above proposition, let the following links serve as evidentiary trails.

Child trafficking by the Obama/Biden Administration using the Clinton Foundation was well known in the intelligence community. The extensive network of Child Sex Trafficking was believed organized by the Black Hats, or Illuminatti* at the Vatican and funded by the CIA Black Budget and Chinese Communist Party Child Trafficking Ring.

Apparently, their ring extended to trafficking children caught at the border, those who went by submarine to Biden-owned Water Island that lay next door to Epstein’s Pedophile Island, DUMB tunnels that ran beneath every capitol city in the nation and globe and included an underground tunnel system under Biden-owned property in Ukraine and another buried two miles beneath the White House…..

The report says unspecified records show that Biden “has sent funds to non-resident alien women in the United States who are citizens of Russia and Ukraine and who have subsequently wired funds they have received from Hunter Biden to individuals located in Russia and Ukraine.”


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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | Feb. 27, 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin has given himself a new mission in addition to ridding the Ukraine of Western-funded biolabs, said a Mar-a-Lago source privy to a 5th telephone call in as many days between the Russian leader and President Donald J. Trump.

Considering revelations that foreign child traffickers had kidnapped Russian children and transported them to the Ukraine to sell into child slavery, Putin on Sunday told Trump that he intends to isolate and destroy child slavery covens on Ukrainian soil.

According to Putin, the Russian Children’s Welfare Society interviewed 6 Russian children, ages 12-16, who were among the 100 multinational kids freed by Spetznas in central Ukraine Friday afternoon. They shared similar, harrowing stories. Three were abducted from their homes, at night, near the border city of Belgorod, which sits 10 miles inside the Ukrainian border. Their abductors captured them as parents worked or slept; rural southwest Russia is rife with destitution, and parents, unable to afford babysitters, often entrust God to care for their children whilst they hammer out a meager living. The remaining 3 said they’d been abducted at shopping centers, when momentarily separated from parents or guardians.

Real Raw News has not received information on circumstances surrounding other abductions.

Four of the six had endured captivity for one or two weeks, but two children had difficulty estimating their time in bondage; prolonged confinement in a dark, windowless cell had skewed their perception of time and space. One guessed “six-to-eight weeks.” And of the six, three said their jailors had shuttled them to their point of rescue from other internment camps that held “many, many, many more children.”

“Putin told Trump that, at least to the kids’ account, the traffickers all spoke fluent Ukrainian but only sparse or broken Russian, and some Armenian. They wore ski masks, so the kids never saw the faces. The total number of children there was 100, 76 Russian, 9 French, 1 Swiss, 5 American, 6 Ukrainian, not sure of others. Apparently, the Ukrainian children translated for the rest,” our source said.

Putin, our source added, said 46 are being medically treated for a broad spectrum of maladies: Malnourishment, lacerations, puncture wounds, dysentery, dehydration, respiratory infections, STDs, and sexual abuse. A 13-year-old girl had been violently sodomized.

“I will find who did this and crush them, all of them,” Putin reportedly told Trump.

“Putin claims he wants to repatriate all the kids, but since European countries have closed airspace to Russian flights, and no one will talk to him, he’s stuck in a barrel. Trump will bring our children home,” our source said.

In other news, Putin also said the Russian military had destroyed four 18-wheelers that “Western terrorists” had converted into roving bioweapon laboratories.  Moreover, he said fantastical stories about him appearing in Western media were a product of CIA invention, citing specifically a NY Post article claiming isolation throughout the plandemic had driven him mad.

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11 thoughts on “Putin Vows to “Crush” Child Traffickers in Ukraine

  1. Putin is fighting not against Ukraine, but against the NEW GLOBAL ORDER. The president of Ukraine is a traitor to Ukraine, because he wants to be part of the globalists. Globalists want to control the world to impose their orders. Putin is not the monster that the media puts him as a destroyer of countries. Putin just wants to end the new globalIST world order.

    • Yes ! And saving those poor children ! I prayed for those children to be saved ! I can’t imagine the things those sick people did too those innocent children

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  4. Todo saldra a la luz y los culpables de TODO, pedo, guerras CREADAS para ocultar ROBOS. Macabros planes para la humanidad, vacu para estudiar comportamientos en humanos, experimentos diabolicos, crimenes de lesa humanidad, engaño a los pueblos, guerras creadas para aparentar ayuda cuando en realidad estan esclavizando y escondiendo fraudes y crimenes de guerra, sobornos etc. LAS VAN A PAGAR CON CRECES!!!!!!

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