Hanks’ Former Co-Star Peter Scolari Executed by Military … The Lies Spun by the Mockingbird Media … The MEGA Crimes Ignored by the FEDS Alike!

By Adina Kutnicki

BEFORE this proceeds any further, the following cautionary two notes are in order:

FIRSTLY, readers with weak hearts and delicate stomachs are advised to stop right here. Its contents are that disturbing. For others, just buck up and keep a stiff upper lip — the kiddies/victims deserve no less.

SECONDLY, it is (almost) always the case that birds of a feather flock together. Effectively, criminals of all stripes hang out with like-minded crews, either as supporting actors (no pun intended) or hands-on accomplices. Similarly, deep state players — most egregiously, those who operate under the guise of “law and order” — tend to comport themselves in lock-step. Likewise, the Mockingbird Media.

IN this regard, recall the righteous execution of Tom Hanks, as reported below.

ONCE reviewed, the below report will veer into focus — and will surely blow your mind!

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦

REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | October 26, 2021

Last week, Hollywood and the MSM lamented the death of actor Peter Scolari, who in the early 1980s starred alongside Tom Hanks in the transgender sitcom Bosom Buddies, in which the two dressed in drag to secure cheap housing at an all-female brownstone residence.

Within hours of Scolari’s death, MSM quickly attributed his demise to a protracted battle with cancer, but those tales are a gross obfuscation of the truth.

Sources inside the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps and the Office of Military Commissions told Real Raw News that Scolari, a lifelong friend and alleged lover of Hanks, was executed on October 20 following a brief inquisition at the U.S. Military’s covert base in Diego Garcia.

RRN’s tardy acquisition of this news stems from the fact that the execution took place at a facility other than Guantanamo Bay, where most of our sources reside.

In July, RRN reported that Scolari and Hanks were aboard the same plane at Malpensa Airport in Milan, Italy, when troops from the 173rd Airborne Combat Brigade stormed the plane and apprehended Hanks. Hanks was taken to face a military tribunal and ultimately the hangman’s noose, but Scolari was released because the military did not deem him a threat and because at the time it had no evidence linking him to Hanks’ incontestable, repugnant crimes against innocent children.

RRN can now report the military amended its opinion of Scolari after JAG and the OMC reviewed disturbing videos and pictures that they obtained in the aftermath of Hanks’ death.

“Scolari wasn’t even on our radar until we linked him to Hanks, and even then, we had no real reason to detain him. But our investigation into Hanks didn’t stop with his death, and a few weeks after it we found more of his computers and devices. The obscene pics and vids on those machines told us we were right to execute the bastard. And they equally incriminated Scolari,” our source said.

One video, our source said, depicted a collaborative criminal venture. Garbed in drag, Hanks in a red evening gown and heels, and Scolari sporting a floral ensemble, the sadistic duo stood above a young child who was strapped face-down to a metal gurney. Pretending to be acupuncturists, they jabbed sharp metal tines into the child’s back as the kid cried out at the top of his lungs for his mother. The holes on the child’s back looked like pours on a sponge. The louder the kid screamed, the deeper they pushed the steel quills into his back. Theystuck the kid for 30 minutes, after which his back looked like a slice of Swiss cheese. Then Scolari smothered the child’s face with a pillow and apparently snuffed the life out of him. But even that act of cruelty did not satisfy the devious duo’s barbarous cravings. For a coup de grace, Hanks held a silenced pistol to the kid’s head, shouting, “Life ain’t like a box of chocolates, it’s like a bag of shit,” as he squeezed the trigger and blew out the kid’s brains. A red-pink mist filled the lens’ field-of-view.

The video, our source added, was timestamped October 31, 2015.

“We saw these sick, sick vids long after Hanks’ execution. As soon as we did, we opened an investigation into Scolari. We figured he was just a tag-a-long, not a real Deep State player, and so we first used an intermediary to get this info to California AG Rob Bonta and Merrick Garland. JAG wasn’t going to waste resources on an iffy player if government authorities wanted him. But nope, Bonta and Garland had zero interest in prosecuting Scolari, so the military leapt into action.”

On October 15, 2021, U.S. Marines apprehended Scolari at his California townhouse, seizing 2 laptops and several cellphones during the raid. The newly found devices, our source said, held over 600,000 images of child pornography.

“JAG believes many of these images are of children who were reported missing, and many are presumed dead,” our source said.

The next day, the Military charged Scolari with murder, child sex crimes, and 600,000 counts of possession of child pornography. Unlike other Deep State assets who had to wait weeks or months for their trials and executions, Scolari had to wait only three days.

He was found guilty after a two-hour long tribunal and hanged the next morning.

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