Military Convicts Hunter Biden; Death Penalty!

By Adina Kutnicki

ONCE again, the air feels just a little fresher and lighter, yes, another monster will burn in hell! No sense in pussyfooting around and feigning sorrow. Indeed, some are just born evil and that is that.

SUCH is surely the case with Hunter Biden; the spawn of a real devil, that is, China/crooked/dementia/pedo Joe! But if any reminders are required as to what’s what ….

Hunter Biden Military Tribunal: Day I – Comatose Joe Unaware

WHICH brings us to the latest righteous news: the pending demise of a most vile, wicked, and waste of a human being, Hunter Biden!

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Military Convicts Hunter Biden; Death Penalty! Ocrober 10, 2021

The U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps on Wednesday convicted and sentenced Hunter Biden to death after 6 women appeared via ZOOM to testify how Biden and his handlers had lured them into no-escape situations where they were drugged, raped, and threatened to remain silent “or else.”

The first, a woman identified only as “Ashley,” recounted a disturbing tale about how her parents had introduced her to Hunter Biden at a 2016 diplomatic function in Washington, D.C. She was 15 at the time of the encounter.

“My parents were political donors and got invites to events. That man…Hunter Biden was at one of them. I was with my parents and their friends when he came over to say hello. He gave off creepy vibes to me right away…I was about to excuse myself to grab a soda when Hunter said he’d get it for me. I started to say ‘no thank you,’ but he was already walking toward the bar…or whatever it was. As he handed me the drink, he brushed a finger over mine and it sent chills down my spine. I shouldn’t have drank the drink. I felt lightheaded and my legs felt rubbery. Everything went blurry. And next thing I know he is holding my hand, leading me up a staircase.”

Rear Adm. Crandall and the 3-officer panel sat in silent contemplation as Ashely relived the horrid event in her mind. Handcuffed and seated across from them, Hunter Biden glanced away from the screen on which Ashley, tears welling in her eyes, continued her story.

“It was like my parents had just vanished. My body literally went numb and my speech was slurred. Next I’m on a bed, and he’s looming over me undressing himself and then…me. Everything was fuzzy but it was him. And then he put a camera on a tripod and got into the bed with me…and raped me, vaginally and anally.”

Rear Adm. Crandall asked her if she saw the villain in the tribunal chamber. She pointed directly at Hunter Biden and said, “Him.”

He then set a laptop on the prosecution table and told the officers they would bare witness to Hunter Biden’s crimes shown on a grotesque video, although everything except Hunter and Ashely’s faces had been blurred. The video showed a naked Hunter Biden flopping around atop a top a young girl whose face was identical to Ashely’s. She seemed spaced out, crying “stop, stop, stop” as Biden repeatedly raped her.

“We obtained this video from one of Biden’s devices. Ashley, is this you in this video. I know it’s difficult to see,” Rear Adm. Crandall said.

“Yes,” she muttered.

Hunter Biden objected: “May I pose a question? Is this tribunal expected to believe I whisked this girl away, drugged her, and did these things—when she was accompanied by her parents? This video is fabricated, false.”

“When I came to and realized what had happened and told my parents, they called me a liar, too,” Ashley said. “They told me it never happened. That it must have been a nightmare. I no longer speak to them.”

Five more young women appeared on Zoom to tell eerily related stories, and the 3-officer panel had to suffer through video snippets of Hunter Biden’s assault on each of them. Biden made vain and ineffective attempts at refuting their testimony and the veracity of the videos, but the tribunal didn’t give any credibility to his rebuttals. The last girl to testify claimed that Hunter and his father raped her together, but the video only showed Hunter, not Joe.

Regardless, the tribunal reached a swift decision, finding Hunter Biden guilty on all charges and recommending he receive the death sentence for his crimes. Rear Adm. Crandall agreed, and he scheduled Hunter’s hanging for October 15.

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2 thoughts on “Military Convicts Hunter Biden; Death Penalty!

  1. Reading the testimony of Ashley, I was struck by the behavior of her parents. How did they just “disappear” and why didn’t they believe her? Why was their anger directed at her? Then the other day I watched a video in which a Biden insider gave a great deal of information on how the Bidens work. Daddy Biden or Hunter does a big favor for the parents and in return, the parents hand over their children for the Bidens to “play with”. You know those videos of Joe sniffing the hair of those girls while their parents looked on? Well, it was his anticipation of what was to come once the event was over and he was given the go ahead to be alone with the girls. The parents not only knew what was going to happen, they set it up.

    Oh, and that Judge — Emmet Sullivan — turns out he’s also a pedo and he provided Biden with houses in which children were brought for sex with Biden. Sullivan even offered up his granddaughter to Biden; however, Biden, didn’t like black children and declined the offer.

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