Chelsea Clinton to Face Military Tribunal … Spawn of the Devil!

By Adina Kutnicki

WHILE the sins of the parents shouldn’t be visited on the children, the fact is that when it comes to the sole spawn of Clinton, Inc., that is, Chelsea Clinton, this she-devil is a replica of her murderous parents. She learned her lessons well; an overachiever!

SPEAKING of her parents, a few notes are in order here — just in case some need to catch up to speed.

NOTE ONE: both are, thankfully, buried six feet under.

NOTE TWO: the real mastermind behind the decades-long rein of terror inflicted by the most evil political duo to befall America (trust, HUSSEIN & ‘wifey’ are not far behind) has always been Hill. A devil like few others.

BACK to the spawn … and what led from there to here …

Delta Force Arrests Chelsea Clinton … JAG’s Leading Operational Arm!

BUT before we segue to her slated military tribunal, an interesting admission from Chels only shores up what the scuttlebutt has been saying for decades, including Bill!

ONTO the righteous tribunal ….

♦  ♦  ♦  ♦  ♦

REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | October 4, 2021

On October 25 Chelsea Clinton will be given an opportunity to defend herself at a Military Tribunal at Guantanamo Bay.  As reported by RRN, Clinton and husband Marc Mezvinsky were arrested by the military while the criminal duo was travelling from Clinton’s upscale Manhattan apartment to a vacation spot in Rockport, Massachusetts.

The military separated them at time of arrest; Clinton went to Guantanamo Bay for processing, and her squirrelly, effeminate husband was taken to an undisclosed location where JAG investigators have reportedly been sweating him for information. A GITMO source told Real Raw News that Mezvinsky has been singing like a bird, ostensibly to strike a plea deal to avoid his own tribunal.

“I can’t give specifics, but Mezvinsky’s deposition cemented Rear Adm. Crandall’s resolve to charge Clinton and compel her to stand before a military tribunal. Does it involve child trafficking? Yes. Does it involve accessory to multiple murders? Yes. Does it involve money laundering? Yes. That’s all I can say right now,” our source said.

He added that JAG informed Chelsea Clinton on Saturday that someone had poisoned her father and that he was found dead in his cell the morning of September 25. Clinton, our source said, shed not a single tear and expressed only indifference toward news of her father’s demise.

“Oh well,” Clinton purportedly said of the news, “shows how much you know—he’s not even my biological father. I have an alibi; I’ve been wrongfully held against my will, under guard. You murdered my mother, and for that you will pay,” she finished stoically.

A stubborn Clinton has refused to answer questions, demanding she be allowed to speak at once with her husband.

“Investigators told her they’d questioned her husband, and he sung like a bird on all her deep, dark secrets. Don’t know if she believed them, because she accused them of making it up. If she does end up believing he betrayed her, she’d probably want him killed. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” our source said.

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