Biden Body Double Blows Cover During Meet with Boris Johnson …. Stage Left!

By Adina Kutnicki

IN the everyday world, if average folks come across their look-alike, a/k/a doppelganger, they can’t help but be transfixed. Who wouldn’t be?

BE that as it may, it is not unusual for Hollyweird types to use body doubles. Yes, stand-ins are used as stunt doubles, or in instances where they are unable to meet their obligations — read: alcohol/drug-fueled binges and the like. Of course, politicians and other fat-cats have been known to do so, and the reasons run the gamut.

HOW much more so for dementia/China/crooked Joe; a puppet-like stand-in for the real muscle, that is, Obama 3.0! Effectively, a body-double (likely, with a “spare” or two on stand-by) allows the comatose-like dementia patient (akin to “Week End At Bernie’s”) to still hide in his Delaware basement!!

NOW, none of this is meant to be flippant. Far from it. As non-comatose folks are keenly aware, America is teetering at the edge of the cliff, and, with it, the fate of western civilization. As such, if one doesn’t lighten things up a bit, well …..

IN this regard, it was not too long ago that the so-called POTUS met with Putin at the G-7. Not so fast.

ALL of which steers the discussion to today’s nail-in-the-coffin, in a manner of speaking.

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REAL RAW NEWS | By Michael Baxter | September 23, 2021

Arthur Roberts, the 83-year-old C-List actor who portrays Joseph Biden on television and in person, blew his cover during a televised press conference with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson earlier this week.  In a stunning scene seen by many, Biden’s (RRN uses the term ‘Biden’ to stand for either Biden or his body doubles) handlers abruptly and seemingly without cause ushered the press pool from the White House Briefing Room while Johnson tried to field questions from British journalists in attendance.

The stunned press pool protested as security forcibly ejected them, clueless as to why they, the administration’s MSM allies, were being rudely told to leave.

On Wednesday, Jen Psaki, who is currently under military investigation, said the room was cleared because Johnson’s questions were not preapproved, but a whistleblower in the fake administration’s communications office revealed to RRN what actually transpired during the surreal briefing.

As reported previously, it is RRN’s contention that the real Joseph R. Biden has not been seen in public since shortly after the 2020 presidential election. The reason is that, in early February, he suffered a massive stroke that left him brain dead and hospitalized at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, where he has lain comatose ever since. Biden’s Deep State handlers had had high hopes for Kamala Harris, and had intended that she would succeed him, but it soon became apparent that she lacked fortitude and the mental acuity needed to coalesce the liberal base. Much to her chagrin, she was put on the backburner while the Deep State sought body double replacements who could play a convincing Joe Biden.

One such find was Arthur Roberts, an obscure 80s actor whose capstone cinematic achievement was playing the evil ninja, Braden, in the 1984 martial arts flick Revenge of the Ninja. After that, he faded into obscurity, henceforth obtaining only minor roles in film and television productions, until the Deep State grabbed him as a potential Biden replacement in early March.

Roberts, no spring chicken himself and older than the genuine Biden, apparently has a touch of dementia, which caused him to veer off script and raise suspicion in the eyes of Boris Johnson.

In a moment not caught on microphone and spoken softly enough for the press pool to not overhear, Roberts began lamenting to Johnson his failed film career, and he asked the UK Prime Minister whether he had seen the films Little Miss Magic and Up in Smoke, in which he had minor roles.

A theatrically masked Boris Johnson, our source said, discretely muted his microphone and spoke softly in Roberts’ direction, asking, “You’re not Joe Biden. Who the bloody hell are you?”

“Even though he muted his mic, Jen Psaki and White House Communications Director Kate Bedingfield were in another office, and able to overhear the entire discourse through hidden parabolic mics in the briefing room. They, how should I put this, freaked the fuck out. They began screaming into Roberts’ hidden earpiece to get back on script or read only from the teleprompter. That’s when Roberts silenced his own mic and told Boris he was only joking around. But Psaki feared the situation would deteriorate, and she immediately ordered the room cleared,” our source said.

He added that a bewildered Johnson later asked Psaki “what the hell just happened,” and was told to forget the entire incident, unless the UK wanted to lose all U.S. support.

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13 thoughts on “Biden Body Double Blows Cover During Meet with Boris Johnson …. Stage Left!

  1. So truly wish someone had captured the buffoonery on audio~ arrgghh! Incredibly jealous of the person who actually heard it & relayed it to RRN/M.Baxter.
    *As to your constant position, directly over the target Adina~ WELL DONE! Not okay w/any of us that you continue to be censored/shadow banned etc, but please know there are many of us out here who continue to grab your work & share like mad everywhere we can. It’s usually done in wild, repetitive bursts that go for an hour or so~ after saving said articles/commentary for future canvas sharing. Just thought you’d appreciate knowing. Eff those tiny wormbots at fb~ seriously.

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