Israel’s Apoplectic Media Reaching Fever Pitch Over Right-Wing Electoral Merger: A Mirror Image Of Counterparts In America. What’s Going On? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

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IF one slept for decades, only to awaken in the year of 2019, it would feel as if the west has gone off its axis….its rocker….the rails….and every descriptor attributed thereof. But if one character in American Literature encapsulates said tragic state of mind and affairs, well, “Rip Van Winkle” springs to the fore.

NOW, before anything else, let it be reiterated: this American-Israeli (through the dual lens of being an investigative journalist and Jihadi expert) has been very vocal and straight forward about PM Netanyahu’s gross mishandling of the security threats surrounding Israel; having grown exponentially worse under his tenure. This clear-eyed assessment is not to be confused with his positive stewardship of Israel’s economy. Apples and oranges….giving credit where credit is due. Incontestably, the facts on the ground attest to the same. 

THAT being established, Israelis are riveted by the circus-like media atmosphere vis-à-vis the upcoming election on April 9. In fact, ever since President Trump announced his candidacy, it mirrors the Orwellian, uncontrollable, frothing-at-the-mouth meltdown taking place in the U.S.  

UNSURPRISINGLY, their mania has reached a fevered pitch, never before seen in the nation’s history. Why is this?

BACK to Israel’s electoral hysteria…..

IN a best-case outcome, “King Bibi” will be dethroned – but not because of trumped-up charges about “this case” or “that case” ala the sword of indictment hanging over his head! Besides, ask yourselves: why would the leftist-driven AG, conveniently, choose to lay bribery charges at this delicate moment in time? Hmm.

EVEN so, Naftali Bennett, the head of Hayemin Hehadash, the New Right, should sit atop the helm – not the latest party flavor of the month, the Blue and White. Yes, sitting alongside Bennett are authentic “Lions/Lionesses of Zion”, as analyzed (Jan. 3, 2019) withinIsrael’s Electoral/Security Earthquake: Caroline Glick Joins The Fray Via Hayemin Hehadash!

ALAS, as is always the case within Israel’s fractured political system, Bennett – who is best suited, hands down, to lead the nation on every level – is not immune to petty, partisan politics. Indeed, his well-hyped broadside against “Bibi” revolves around Likud’s momentary and fleeting alliance with Otzma Yehudit – a much maligned right-wing, nationalist party, yes, one who takes no prisoners. Yasher kochachem. More power to them. Bravo too.

IN actuality, Bennett backed the very same nationalist party when he headed the Jewish Home. Credo quia absurdum. Of course, his volte-face is little more than political posturing to “calm” the jittery nerves of the squishy center he hopes to court. Not only that, he is playing to “Team Trump”, ever fearful to remain in their good graces. Regardless, Hayemin HeHadash is best situated to get the (security) job done. Undoubtedly, without consistently executed iron-fisted measures against regional foes (domestic terrorists and their supporters alike), well, the rest isn’t worth a hill of beans.  

SIGNIFICANTLY and overwhelmingly, the western tendency to hue to PC dictates is a mental sickness, and Israel’s leaders are every bit its captives.

IN this respect, for those who are uninitiated in Israel’s political swamp, Otzma’s “crime” is its direct nexus to the much tarred, feathered, and, eventually, banned KACH Party. But before we get down to brass tacks, know that little exhibits the mentally besieged illness plaguing Israel’s leaders (and self-appointed elites) like the banning of an uncompromising Jewish nationalist party, so-called “racists”, even as the Knesset’s Arab List is filled to the brim with outright traitors and terror supporters! Imagine that. Comparatively, the “racist” canard is the same bludgeon and bugaboo tactic utilized by leftist smear-mongers in America to cow and silence conservatives.

SO, just to be inordinately clear: Likud, in direct response to a newly-formed union of “centrist” players (in reality, leftists cloaked as centrists) via the Blue and White Party, feels compelled to hoist and burnish their right-wing, nationalist oomph through Otzma Yehudit! What chutzpah. Mind you, Blue and White, comprised of mucky-muck, leftist-oriented Generals – coupled with Yair Lapid, a matinee idol-looking, coattail-riding, non-educated, smooth-talking politician, as yours truly described within Part 2 of a mainstream interview, Sept. 2014 – aligned itself with the hard left and the Arab List, all their protestations aside.

IN reality, for all practical purposes, as opposed to PC dictates, this expert on Islamic Jihad is more familiar than most within Israel (never mind elsewhere) as to what it takes to beat back Mohammedans – many of whom lay-in-wait inside and outside Israel’s borders.

DEMONSTRABLY, four years after 9/11/01, an urgent shout-out was sent this way to analyze the most misunderstood question of all: What was the “opening shot of jihad on U.S. soil?” 

IN this regard, the highlighted blurb at Israel National News from said expose’  (November 2005) set the stage:

“The logical conclusion that Rabbi Kahane’s supporters drew from his murder was crystal clear. Strangely, it coincided with the assessment of the Islamic jihad: if they can eliminate a problematic “radical” Rabbi on US soil and get away with it, then the hitherto invincible and impenetrable US would become open for their jihad.”

YES, this is the very same “radical” Rabbi who founded Kach – of which Otzma’s leaders derive their inspiration and dedication to the land of Israel.

BUT never mind. Within the ever horse-trading, carnival-like atmosphere of Israeli political-dickering (as dutifully analyzed within “The Paradox of Israeli Politics: Vote Right, Get Left“, June 2012), how many know that the outcome of an election hardly reflects the will of the people? Well, now you do.

EFFECTIVELY, time and again, the majority Zionist public vote in leaders who promise to adhere to Jewish nationalist principles, only to be deeply betrayed through this and that left-turn measure – often, bowing to a jackal-like, braying media and international dictate(s): tread lightly with the Arab minority and surrounding foes!

NOT unexpectedly, the aforementioned apoplectic Israeli media were handed an unexpected gift, that is, when the so-called centrist and squishy conservative AIPAC….this finger is pointing at you …..came out swinging, mind you, as they blatantly interfere in an Israeli election! Tribal war-like, they poured fuel on the fire against Otzma, and their staunch Zionist supporters! How dare they. As excerpted:

WASHINGTON – At first, the crowded ballroom didn’t look that different from the many spin-off receptions on the first evening of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee Policy Conference. The hors d’oeuvres were passed, the wine and cocktails flowed freely at the Renaissance Hotel. But the nature of the conversations in the crowd and the remarks at the podium pointed to the fact that this wasn’t a typical AIPAC event.

For the fourth year in a row, young staffers at the pro-Israel lobby had put together a “Peace Builders” reception, with the stated aim of “celebrating champions of coexistence and honoring the work of peace builders from Israel and the West Bank.”

The names on the invitation included peace and coexistence groups such as the Peres Center for Peace, Women Wage Peace, Givat Haviva and Darkenu, who were all present at AIPAC to participate in panels and breakout sessions.

At the reception, they mingled with progressive-minded AIPAC members. Spotted in the group were Israeli opposition politicians like Labor Party Chairman (and aspiring prime minister) Avi Gabbay, fresh from his first AIPAC address on the main stage, along with fellow party member MK Ksenia Svetlova and the Obama administration’s former ambassador to Israel, Daniel B. Shapiro…..continue reading the wretched two-step, back-shuffle from AIPAC’s leaders here.

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HOW many ways can one say co-option and infiltration, of a once-reliable conservative lobby group?

ADDING to the gang-bang, leave it to CNN…. 

CNN’s Jake Tapper noted that AIPAC had condemned Otzma Yehudit, accusing the party of racism and noting the ties faction leaders had with the now banned Kach party of Rabbi Meir Kahane.

“The United States’ relationship is with Israel. We’re not about to get involved in the election, to interfere in an election of a democracy,” said Pompeo.

“Election campaigns are tough. We will allow the Israeli people to sort this out. And I’m confident that, when the election is over, the United States will continue to have a strong, important, very, very deep relationship with Israel that protects the American people and benefits Israel as well.”

When Tapper pressed Pompeo on suggestions Netanyahu had done “something wrong”, by backing the alliance with Otzma, “something that violates the values of” the US-Israel relationship “and the values of the Jewish state,” the Secretary of State replied that the administration would call out any wrongdoing, by friends or enemies.

“This administration has been very vocal when we see human rights violations wherever we find them. Friends, foes, adversaries, allies, and we have been very consistent. We do it in different ways and do it in different times. We will certainly continue to do that.”

On Friday, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) issued a rare condemnation of Israeli leaders, criticizing Netanyahu for backing the alliance between the Jewish Home and Otzma, and excoriating Otzma as a “reprehensible” and “extremist” party.

INDEED, this is a déjà vu-like moment in time (on steroids!), akin to the run-up of the previous election, March 17, 2015. So much so, it became mandatory due diligence to grant a mainstream interview – “Can Israel Survive As The Jewish State? – An Interview With Adina Kutnicki – relative to the high stakes drama and security fall-out from “Mr. Security’s” failure of leadership and attendant knock-on effects.


THE more things change, the more they stay the same. Most acutely, within the cauldron of hell-fire surrounding Israel, there is NO room for compromise. Period.

IN a nation which is barely a speck on the Middle East map, Mohammedan warriors (internal and external) will not be satisfied until they lay claim to ALL of Judea and Samaria, the cradle of the Jewish heartland. In tandem, dividing (with the goal of totally conquering) Jerusalem, the Jewish people’s thousands-year-old capital, is their top goal. Prize. Everything else is just smoke and mirrors.

INESTIMABLY, if “I forget thee O Jerusalem”…… 

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Image result for pics of rabbi kahane

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