SEAL TEAM SIX Spars Off Against Obama Inc: A Ringside Seat For One & All…OMG!…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Just when you thought the skeletons couldn’t rattle any louder, along comes a head-on collision between Obama Inc. (mostly effete, well coiffed, over weaned, self preening pansy types, whereby the most “action” they encountered probably occurred on campus debate teams, and this just describes the male contingent…don’t get this blog started on their female counterparts)  and SEAL TEAM SIX, no less!

And for those who are unfamiliar with their prowess, their forces are warriors among warriors, considered the most hard core fighters, even among special ops – Fellow Israelis, they are comparable to Israel’s Sayeret Matkal  -

That being said, Tom Trento bares all, not unlike via previous postings, whereby Islamic jihadists are always front and center -

Of course (most) readers will recall the co-joined hands between the red/green alliance, as they attempted to muzzle Pamela Geller’s free speech rights, all the while they opined they were the victims of “Islamophobia”, but Tom Trento smacked them broadside.

And what about the “outing” of John Brennan, you know the same goon from the Islamist-in-Chief’s first term, but now head spook - 

So it is with great pleasure to feature, once again,  a fellow “hunter and digger”, but one who actually has a growing online tv presence! Tom, not at all jealous…well, maybe a teeny bit…

Memo to my growing readership: Tom sent the following instructions…he NEVER fails to deliver the goods, so tune in….

“Adina, the LINK will be live at 9:30am, eastern time, so that you can watch and if you want to embed the code into your site, you can have your readers watch it on your site.”

Title: Extortion 17 to Benghazi to Obama. Description: Thursday 10:00 AM, National Press Club, Washington, DC: Navy SEAL Team VI Families to reveal governments culpability in death of their sons in the fatal helicopter crash in Afghanistan following the successful raid on bin Laden’s compound. Live Embed Code

                                  WATCH THURSDAY’S REGULAR

Most significantly, Tom Trento, a highly reliable contact, spills all. As someone known to “take no prisoners”, this blog understands full well why the latest  “explosion”  aired on his show.
So Tom, as always, you hit it right out of the ballpark. You continually bring home trophies for the (patriot’s) home team. Take a well deserved bow!
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14 thoughts on “SEAL TEAM SIX Spars Off Against Obama Inc: A Ringside Seat For One & All…OMG!…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

  1. When I was in SERE training (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) on Coronado Island off San Diego before going to Vietnam, the Navy SEALS were there also. Those guys are great! While waiting in line at the mess hall they ran in place, yelling “Hoo-Rah” with each right step. If a Marine guard ordered one to do twenty push-ups for some infraction or another, he would get down and do ten with one hand and ten with the other while his all pals loudly counted. Even in Benghazi, just two ex-SEALS held off who-knows-how-many muzzie cowards for over seven hours. The really are among the best of the best.

    Mark Steyn had a great take on the Benghazi mess today. He said that he could not believe how “empty and dead” on the inside the Kenyan Communist and the Hildabeast must be to have lied over the coffin of the U.S. Ambassador and the other three victims. IMHO, not only empty and dead on the inside, but also without souls.

    I do hope the Benghazi thing keeps imploding, or exploding. The Empty Suit occupying the White House might possibly be facing his nemesis.

    • Don, I know the type of guy you are describing, having been “blood brothers” with one such commando from IDF’s Sayeret Matkal –…and through him got to know some of his “band of brothers”. So I have a close appreciation for these kind of stand up men, generally in their personal lives too. As protective as he was of his wife and family, he was as protective of me and my interests.
      That being said, I “predicted” that Benghazigate would explode in several related commentaries, ever since it went down on 9/11/12 and I am not a soothsayer!

  2. Have just finished viewing seal team 6 and sent copy to a friend who is not convinced that Obama is a bad guy .I think this will convince him. It’s unbelievable the silence surrounding these cases ,It will be interesting to see if the press follow through or not!! Heads have to roll or America is finished. Bob NZ

  3. Perhaps not a sooth-sayer, but you certainly know what you are talking about And since I have been reading your blog, you have been right on target.

  4. Uh….the cowardly muzzies in Syria announced a counter-attack against the very justified Israeli attack several days ago.
    Odd that the men who marry 9-year old girls have not yet carried through on their threat.
    Perhaps they lack “stones?”

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