Obama Inc.’s Shariah Law Enforcers: DOJ Islamizes America’s Kiddies!”Dearbornistan” Is Front & Center…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki


A “welcome” mat laid out…piercing into the heart of America: Dearbornistan!

Dearbornistan, aka Hezbollahland, is never far from these pages. There is every good reason why this locale – within America’s heartland – is considered “ground zero” in relation to Islamic jihad, mainly (though NOT exclusively) on the Shia side. Know thy jihadi hydras well.

HOWEVER, as a gift for newbie readers, this blogger will recap Hezbollah’s “special” status. Trust…its American center of gravity is in Dearbornistan. Yes, they have successfully branched out into many other U.S. cities too…entrepreneur-like… but their American hub is in Dearbornistan. Well informed “birdies” keep this investigative journalist apprised!  

Gift One: 

WORKING alongside some of the most accomplished counter-terror experts, info has a way of coming full circle, so to speak. So, even before the general public finds out what’s what, certain matters reach these ears.

THAT being said, these same eyes and ears have targeted Dearbornistan (and associated Islamic locales) for years, even before 9/11/01. In this regard, at the inception of this blog site, the following was noted in Sept. 2012:

As reported, Jamat ul Fuqra (a leading Islamic terror group, deeply entrenched in North America) is mainly involved in tactical techniques, sort of like high level masters in jihadi boot camp training. You gotta see it to believe it. Unfathomably, they escape much too much public scrutiny – and con many – by operating under innocuous sounding names. Here’s a sampling – The International Quranic Open University  and The Muslims of the Americas  . How gullible do they think westerners are? Very.

Jamat ul Fuqra are awash in infidel blood. Most infamously, they are the head choppers of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. They are particularly fond of beheadings. Say what? Too close for many fellow New Yorkers (my home state) comfort, the group receives some of their paramilitary training at their Islamberg compound in New York State. Not to get too specific – as part of a “research” project  in 2006 – I accompanied a trusted contact to the outskirts of the compound, knowing full well that this was as far as we would get. No matter. We came, we saw, we went…..hearing constant sounds of gun popping, and intermittent shouts of “allahu akbar” – god is great – in broad daylight !!  Roaming guards dressed in (Islamic) combat fatigues, and watch towers on each side, were clearly visible.

Normal folks surely are wondering – how is it possible that terror compounds can exist in the land of the free, the home of the brave? What is going on here?

To add insult, to grievous (US & Canadian) injury, Islamberg is one of 35 ! jihadi compounds in the US. About half a dozen (which are known) exist in places such as Charlotte County in central Virginia, Hancock, New York, and other  rural confines all over the US. ‘Islamberg not the only radical Muslim compound flourishing in North America’ highlights the dangers, yet there are more than a few sources – http://www.canadafreepress.com/index.php/article/18065.

For those who prefer visual aids, here is a heart stopper – ‘Terrorist training camps in America’  – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WubEFsN5pk8. Take a breather…..then read this report  – ‘New Film Exposes Nashville Islamist Network’  – http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/detail/new-film-exposes-nashville-islamist-network – the video will hopefully work through this link. Regardless, read the whole thing. Plus, view this short video ‘American Nightmare: The Islamists are Here’. Exactly.

Gift Two:

LESS than two months (Nov. 2012) after gift number one was written, it became mandatory to offer another one – free of charge! Doesn’t get better than that.

EVER since this investigative journalist became involved in the ‘”track and hunt” of Islamic jihadists (see its genesis here – adinakutnicki.com/about/ ), one factoid kept creeping to the fore; the fingerprints of Iran. 

While they have varying groups of jihadi “soldiers for Allah”, their forward thrust is Hezbollah. It is their tentacled, terror footprints which are spread over the globe. But of special concern to Americans, should be those amassed in Latin America (in the tri-border region), and most significantly, as they are the ones ALREADY embedded within “any city/town USA”.

Regardless, would like to be the bearer of good news – for a change! – but it is what it is. Adding to this deadly mix, have been warning the readers – concerning America’s porous borders – about the multiplicity of entry points for smuggling.

One of the most lucrative partners of Islamic jihadists (certainly not exclusive to Iran’s proxies, but they do have a quasi monopoly…kind of like the Teamsters) are the multi-faceted, “talented” drug kingpins, lording over much of this human cargo, in tandem with weapons smuggling. All of this “entrepreneurial” activity centers around Iran’s (eventual) orders to pounce.

And it is not as if government officials haven’t been aware of the looming dangers. To the contrary. Yet…the Islamist-in-Chief (and his surrogates) favors a “hands off approach” to the illegal alien issue.

In point of fact, the infamous ‘Fast & Furious’, which not only killed American agents but Mexicans too, in turn allowed for an unprecedented weapons flow into the hands of these same cartels, now arming Iranian agents! Talk about coming full circle…almost like a necklace of death.

You got that? Though quite a few sleeper agents have been picked up crossing the border, it is a pittance, especially when juxtaposed against those who slipped through.

Gift Three:

THE gift that keeps giving….as Hezbollah’s GROWING presence in U.S. prisons is waiting to explode, once said inmates are released. Alternatively, whichever comes first, even if behind bars, their plotting continues apace. Consequentially, their plans will be executed by outside foot soldiers. This info is solid as a rock. Rely on it. 

Gift Four:

NEVER-ENDING…as the very same Hezbollah, Iran’s proxy army, prepares bombs to explode on U.S. soil! Have mercy.

Gift Five:

REST assured, aside from Obama Inc. (via the regime’s Iranian point woman, Valerie Jarrett), Hezbollah’s DIRECT nexus to MS 13 poses a very grave danger to America, when the sh-t eventually hits the fan. Absolutely.

HANG on…we are not done yet. Let’s divert onto Obama Inc.’s Islamic-mandated DOJ and the danger posed to the kiddies. Oh my…

BUT before we get to the recent “news” re Dearbornistan, let’s review a backgrounder on AG Holder’s Islamic putsch via the kiddies; a tag-team approach with Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

Kiddie Penetration: 

Islamic (kiddie) penetration takes many forms - burqas and the like


There’s a new controversy in Texas involving the online public school curriculum called CSCOPE, which already has been the subject of heated debate and state legislative hearings.

This is the dreadful situation facing America’s kiddies, even as one of the most well-known private schools, Exeter Academy, trucks with terrorists, Obama’s surrogates are hide nor hare in interfering. Why? As if.

Full Disclosure: a few close acquaintances/business associates graduated from the halls of Philips Exeter Academy (the subject below) back in the early 1980’s, and just a few years before its Islamic infestation. These individuals are at the top of their chosen professions, therefore, the influence many of its graduates yield is considerable, even if not in the Presidential arena.

‘Academy That Produced Three Presidents Now Terrorist Breeding Ground’

 Radical Islam Academy That Produced Three Presidents Now Terrorist Breeding Ground

Meet Maggie Hassan, the Democratic candidate for governor in the state of New Hamphshire. Maggie is married to Thomas Hassan, the principal of Phillips Exeter Academy. For those of you who are not familiar with Phillips Exeter Academy, it is ranked the number six school in the country and has an extremely impressive list of alumni that includes Oliver Wendell Holmes, John F. Kennedy and the list goes on:  Bill Belichick, coach of New England Patriots; James Spader the actor; Dr. Spock, renowned pediatrician from the 1950’s, and many more. The list is like a “who’s who” of American history, and there is no doubt that the students currently enrolled will have similar power and influence in the decades to come. So what could be the problem with that? The short answer: radical Islam.

To quote an excellent article by Chris Anu of the New Hampshire Herald:

…On Thomas Hassan’s watch, numerous Islamic scholars and activists with ties to radical Islamic groups have been invited to address student assemblies and other student forums. Among them, Hadia Mubarak, former president of the Muslim Student Association, spoke at a PEA assembly on Oct, 1, 2007. Founded by the Muslim Brotherhood, the MSA was labeled “a virtual terror factory” by terrorism expert Patrick Poole. Its former members include such notable jihadists as Anwar al-Awlaki, Ramy Zamzam, Omar Hammami, Abdurahman Alamoudi, Aafia Siddiqui and Ramzi Yousef.


AGAIN, back to Dearbornistan…and the DOJ’s (Obama Inc.’s) grabbing of the hearts and minds of America’s kiddies.

ISLAMIC-addicted DOJ (may Holder and gang rot in hell) is forcing Dearborn Heights school district to teach in and translate all documents to Arabic! You got that? In America, teachers must now teach as if they live in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon or another one of the Islamic terror holes. A snowballing…chilling…effect.

A great victory for the civilizational jihadists.

“This is a great victory for the Arab-American community and its children to become contributing citizens in our country,” said Shereef Akeel, a Troy attorney who filed a federal complaint in 2011 on behalf of Hiam Brinjikji, a counselor in the school district who complained about the district’s neglect of Arab immigrant students.

District officials could not be immediately reached for comment.

Brinjikji, who is of Arab descent, said in the federal complaint that she complained about the lack of attention to Arab-American students who didn’t know English well. She also said the district wasn’t hiring enough Arab-Americans and said she was retaliated against for complaining.

Dept. of Jihad gets involved because one biased person complained?

DUE to all of the above – and so much more – this investigative journalist has been warning about the encroachment of Sharia law (this is what it amounts to) into AmericaYes, for the umpteenth time. Enraging. 

MIND you, an Islamic thrust (described above) is happening all over America. More pointedly, the infiltration within Michigan is the same “middle American” state, in 2012, whereby it was deemed “incitement” to wave an Israeli flag!

Soon it’ll also be singing “Amazing Grace” within earshot of someone looking for something to be offended by. Because in the Islamic world, the victim is always at fault …

Flashback: Dearborn Muslim Sentenced After Attempting To Run Down Christians – “Mike Mohamad Agemy, who drove his SUV at a group of Christian demonstrators in front of the Islamic Center of America on June 17, won’t be headed to trial… Agemy pleaded to two lesser charges of aggravated assault, which each carry a sentence of up to six months in jail. Somers sentenced him two years’ probation, an anger-management class of about 12 weeks and $1,150 in fines and court costs… Agemy, 47, initially was charged with seven counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and one count of reckless driving.” 






RESULTANT, does anyone sense a burgeoning pattern of Islamic intimidation and stealth jihad? If not, way past time to catch up to speed.

BESIDES, those who know what’s what understand that the end goal here is Shariah Law. As is said, this is where the rubber meets the road. Indeed, one of the main roads is through America’s school children, whichever community they reside in. Poor clueless kiddies. Parents too.

THUS, anyone who believes that what happens in Dearbornistan – kiddie-wise or via another Islamic capitulation – won’t affect them in “any city USA”, well, they are hallucinating. It’s that simple. That deadly. 

Israeli Leadership LEGITIMIZES & NEGOTIATES With Hamas Terrorists.”Cease-Fires” & Fleeing Jews;The Nexus…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

An Israeli commando from the engineering corps Yahalom (“Diamond”) unit takes part in a tunnel-hunting drill in Sirkin special forces base, near Tel Aviv …

An Israeli army officer on Friday shows journalists a Palestinian tunnel that runs from the Gaza.

AS a native New Yorker – now living in Israel – the following thought experiment is highly germane. Apropo.

IMAGINE, if you will, living nearby the border between the east and west sides of NYC, somewhere in mid-Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue range, but your actual address is west of Fifth. Then, picture heavy-duty missiles flying out of the eastern demarcation into your western sphere, and for well over a decade. Hmm. Yet, in your mind’s eye, go a step further. Situate yourselves in another scenario: “wild west” east siders have upped the ante; digging tunnels into west side buildings, ever ready to cause more explosive terror! Which leader(s) in their rational mind would allow their citizens to “live” under such terrorizing conditions, ever fearful of becoming cannon fodder? Rhetorical.

Hamas’s Missiles.

NOW, as previously demonstrated, Israel’s top leadership – the buck stops with “Bibi” – commit double crimes. The first tier deals with an absolute ILLEGALITY;  negotiating – thus legitimizing – with Hamas, a designated terror group, even within Washington’s listing of terror groups! This is beyond dispute. Beyond the pale, even if masking such negotiations under political/diplo cover. Whom are they fooling? NOT the majority Zionist public, that’s for sure.

A demonstration in support of the war in Gaza in Tel Aviv.

SIGNIFICANTLY, time and again, Israel’s leaders negotiate “ceasefires/deathfires” with terror groups, be they Hamas, Fatah or Hezbollah. It makes no diff. And while said “ceasefires” aren’t worth the price of bupkes, the fact of the matter is not only are they worthless and exponentially dangerous – whetting their appetites for more of the same – they are ILLEGAL. Plain and simple….

International Law Precludes Ceasefires With Terror Groups

Professor Louis Rene Beres – {blogger’s mentor}

Any time there is an announced “cease fire” between Israel and Hamas, it wrongly and foolishly bestows upon that terror organization

(1) an expressly legitimate status under international law; and

(2) a clear and newly incontestable condition of legal symmetry between the parties.

This is never a tolerable jurisprudential arrangement for Israel.

Moreover, no proper system of law can ever permit any sort of compromise or accommodation by a government with criminal organizations, even, in the case of Israel and Hamas, one that might involve a somewhat less formal arrangement than the currently proposed cease-fire.

It follows that Israel ought never to unwittingly prop up its criminal adversary in Gaza by agreeing to a cease-fire or similar “armistice”; instead, it should proceed immediately to do whatever is needed operationally, while simultaneously reminding the world that the pertinent conflict is between a fully legitimate sovereign state (one that meets all criteria of the Convention  on the Rights and Duties of States, 1934) and an inherently illegal insurgent organization that meets none of these criteria, and that routinely violates all vital precepts of the law of armed conflict….

IN contravention of said illegality, Israel’s mentally besieged leadership charges forward; one “cease-fire” after another, in fact, feeding, fueling and supplying the enemy!

NEVER ENDING, like drunken sailors on a sinking ship they lumber hither and on, attempting to find a life raft to latch themselves onto, instead of executing what must be done – SMASHING Hamas’s top leadership and command centers!! Alas, here they go again, even as Netanyahu yanks Jerusalem’s negotiating team – like yo-yos – back and forth from Cairo.

BUT never mind…Hamasnicks have measured the mettle (tragically, quite correctly) of Israel’s leaders, as they barrage Israel with more missiles, even before the last “cease-fire” is due to expire at midnight on 8/19…and the next “cease-fire” is surely not far behind.

G-d have mercy…save us from our derelict leaders! You may rightfully inquire: are Israel’s leaders irrational? have they truly lost their minds?

DEBKAfile’s sources report an attempt by some Israeli officials to present the draft as incorporating a process which separates the humanitarian and security issues.
However, it may be that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ya’alon are looking for a pretext to explain the concessions that were made for the sake of a ceasefire for an indefinite period – or else they are trying to ward off Egyptian-Palestinian browbeating for a deal.

According to the disclosures so far, the draft agreement – if it is approved by the cabinet – will embody four major Israeli concessions:
—  Waiving demilitarization of the Gaza Strip and disarmament of Hamas’s rockets and terror tunnels at this point.
—  Lifting the  blockade of the Gaza Strip – economically and by the establishment of ports.
—  Reversal of a government decision to abstain from negotiating the release of convicted Palestinian terrorists from jail, which the Israeli public will never accept.
—  Rehabilitation of the Gaza Strip before any steps are taken towards disarming Hamas.

The danger of this waiver is already apparent in the announcement by the radical Popular Committees faction that it is not bound by any Hamas commitment to suspend rocket attacks. In any case, according to a Egyptian foreign ministry statement late Monday: Israel and the Palestinians have only agreed to a 24-hour ceasefire extension – i.e., until Tuesday midnight, for further negotiations.

SO, now that the legalities are squared away, as well as their Pavlovian responses to “cease-fires”, Israelis (this blogger included) and onlookers are left in a dizzying state of suspension, incessantly wondering: when will their madness end?and where are they leading the nation of Israel? To PROLONGED war, that’s where!

Most Israelis were stunned Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 19, when rocket fire suddenly erupted from the Gaza Strip against Beersheba and Netivot, after they had been lulled into a sense of false security by the suspension of Hamas attacks for 135 hours. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon sent the air force straight back into action to bomb “terror targets’ across the Gaza Strip, and recalled Israel’s negotiators from the indirect talks taking place with Hamas in Cairo through Egyptian intermediaries.

After a month of tough fighting and painful losses, Israelis were aghast to find themselves dumped back in the same old routine, which their leaders had vowed Operation Defensive Edge would end once and for all.

By midnight Hamas had fired around 50 rockets in a steady stream across most of Israel, including Greater Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

So what went wrong?
DEBKAfile reports that, as recently as Monday, Aug. 18, a senior intelligence source asserted that Netanyahu and Ya’alon were satisfied with the Cairo talks, because their outcome would refute their critics, ministers and security chiefs alike, by bringing Hamas to its knees.
Asked how this would come about, the source repeated the mantra heard day after day during the fighting: Hamas is looking for a way out of the conflict and wants to end hostilities, he explained. That is what we are banking on.

AMAN chief Maj.Gen. Aviv Kochavi is believed by some cabinet sources to be the author of this prescription, to which the prime minister and defense minister have stubbornly adhered, against all the evidence to the contrary. They therefore held back from inflicting a final defeat on the Palestinian fundamentalists.

ON this investigative journalist’s worst day, the above outcome could have been predicted. Clear as a bell.

STILL yet, it is not as if a certain segment of Israelis residing on the southern border – particularly within the “Gazan belt” – don’t possess special standing in this life and death struggle to “cease”, or not, Israel’s “firepower”. Why? Well, having been terrorized with missiles for over a decade, for the most part, they relied upon the political leadership to do the right thing, whatever that meant. How did THAT work out? Truth be told, an unfathomable patient response.

BE that as it may, that was then and this is now. Now that tunnels are under some of their bedrooms, kindergartens and what not…hmm…their patience has worn thin, to say the least. In this regard, over 60% of said residents FLED the area, declaring that they won’t return, unless the leaders SMASH Hamas’s terror apparatus for good!   

DEAR readers, juxtapose the spectacle of many thousands of Jewish residents of Israel’s southern belt fleeing for their lives – within the Jewish homeland, no less! – to the return of the scourge of anti-semitism throughout Europe (Islamic-Nazis gaining the aid of radical leftists and far-right fascists…video linked), as Europe’s Jews flee for their lives! Is this American-Israeli the only one who sees the craziness, the irony, of said dual flights?


Video screenshot

IN other words, while France’s Jews (and others) are running for their lives into the arms of the Jewish homeland – a land this blogger would give her life for – Israel’s leaders not only fail to protect Jews already living here, but, by dint of odds, will fail those who are fleeing into her arms! Orwellian. For the record, some of these French Jews (and other new immigrants) are encouraged by Israel’s Absorption Ministry to move to areas not far from Gaza!  

France’s politicians and community leaders have criticised the “intolerable” violence against Paris’ Jewish community, after a pro-Palestinian rally led to the vandalizing and looting of Jewish businesses and the burning of cars.

It is the third time in a week where pro-Palestinian activists have clashed with the city’s Jewish residents. On Sunday, locals reported chats of “Gas the Jews” and “Kill the Jews”, as rioters attacked businesses in the Sarcelles district, known as “little Jerusalem”.

Manuel Valls, France’s prime minister said: “What happened in Sarcelles is intolerable. An attack on a synagogue and on a kosher shop is simply anti-Semitism. Nothing in France can justify this violence.”…….

More than a thousand Jews have made aliyah (the term used when Jews immigrate to Israel) in the past 10 days, according to the Israeli government.

“I came because of anti-Semitism,” said teary-eyed Veronique Rivka Buzaglo, one of 430 immigrants who arrived from France the day before. “You see it in the eyes of people. I see it in everything,” she told HuffPost.

Buzaglo says nothing would have stopped her from becoming an Israeli citizen this week – not even the rocket sirens frequently blaring in the south of the country, where she plans to live.

BASICALLY, one has to peer into ones heart of hearts and decide: are the words of Israel’s leaders meaningful, or just over-bloated hot air? Moreover, it must be recognized that not all bullsh-t is equal. Life and death.

IN this regard, listen carefully to their words and see if they match their actions! Then, decide for yourself: what order of manure are they shoveling?

MEN without chests…feet of clay…

Obama’s Brotherhood Mafia Partners:Rampaging Inside America!Panthers/Nation of Islam/Hamas Run Wild! Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Tair Rada’s Murder Case, Israeli Teen: A Review. Evidence Ignored/Fabricated. Pathologists Threatened. What’s Going On? By Adina Kutnicki

INHERENTLY, the “scales of justice” veer irreversibly off kilter when a victim’s killer roams free. This is doubly the case when an innocent defendant pays the price. Justice denied on a two-tier level. A grave miscarriage. A perversion of the legal system.

{at “Patriotic Israeli” – http://www.kr8.co.il/BRPortal/br/P102.jsp?arc=978318}

FULL Disclosure: as an investigative journalist (blogger) I have the utmost respect for those who secure law and order. Let there be no doubt. Besides, anyone who knows me would attest to the same, both on a personal and professional level.

UNDOUBTEDLY, the risks in bringing dangerous suspects to heel are graver than most realize. Life and death. Not only that, while living in the U.S., I spent a good part of my adulthood standing squarely behind the Police and Prosecutor’s aisle, to one degree or another.Thus, this particular case is absolutely an anomaly. It merits special significance. Attention. To wit, I am aligning with the defense. A first. 

IN this regard, the justice system, if operating properly, has no greater burden, other than to obtain justice for the victim. This is their sworn and moral duty, regardless of outside pressures. Mission Number One. On the other side of the scale, the incarceration of an innocent person is a grave injustice. Unfortunately, said deleterious outcome transpires when a compromised team of investigators, coupled with an out of control Prosecutor’s office, toil to satisfy other “masters”. Intolerable. 

INHERENTLY, the Prosecutor’s office, at least in a functioning democracy, above all else, must seek justice, not merely gain a conviction, whatever the costs. Furthermore, they are not allowed to adjudicate in line with, in service of, the desired verdict of the Police and Judiciary – justice be damned. Understood?

CONSEQUENTIALLY, for redress to be truly served, the perpetrator must ultimately be brought before a Court of Law, and in a timely manner with all due process adhered to. Resultant, if found guilty, a sentence must be rendered and commensurate with the crime at hand. Few would argue otherwise, unless one is living by the “laws of the jungle” or is a committed Islamist. Same calculus.

BE that as it may, as an American-Israeli (living in Israel since 2008), I am intimately familiar with America’s criminal justice system. In fact, my area of studies concentrated in criminal justice/law, in tandem with geo-politics. A two-tier nexus exists in this arena; familial-wise, plus professional access to high-level justice-related contacts. 

SEGUEING over to Israel’s legal system, well, let’s just say that there are differences. It can be akin to, for lack of a better descriptor, a balagan…בלגן…topsy-turvydom. Incontrovertibly, said contrasting systems became glaringly/disturbingly obvious while reporting (investigating) on behalf of HONENU; a national legal defense organization, one which provides legal aid to Israeli soldiers and civilians in distress.

NEVERTHELESS, regardless of locale, little is more heinous to this investigative journalist (blogger) then the murder of a child, willful or accidental. As a matter of record, the crime of drunk driving, often leaving a string of mangled bodies in its wake, is an intolerable crime, even though usually deemed by the courts “unintentional”. Not on this end. After all, dead is dead. 

BACK to the case at hand…the butchering of 13-year-old Tair Rada, an Israeli on the cusp of her teenage years. 

Tair Rada

TRAGICALLY, in 2006, a beautiful young girl was viciously murdered in the northern Israeli town of Katzrin, Golan Heights. She was found in her school’s bathroom, Nofey Golan High School. This is clearly not in dispute.

HOWEVER, even though one (of several) suspect was eventually convicted, the case has been plagued with so many irregularities/inconsistencies – and this is a generous assessment – the Supreme Court intervened. Nevertheless, even with said intercession, the same (partial) judge retried the case! Outrageous. Prejudicial. Biased.

AS reported, May 5, 2014,

Roman Zadorov, 32, was first convicted in 2010 of the murder of Tair Rada, 13, in the Katzrin local council. The Supreme Court then ordered the Nazareth District Court to retry the case. Six weeks ago, the court confirmed the previous verdict.

Zadorov’s attorneys, Tel Aviv district public defender Elkana Leist and Dr. Itai Hermalin of the Tel Aviv University Law Clinic, said that the district court made a mistake when it chose to accept the expert opinion of Dr. Constantin Zeitzav for the prosecution over that of the defense’s expert witness, pathologist Dr. Maya Forman Resnik.

Leist and Hermalin want the Supreme Court to accept Resnik’s opinion that the cut on Rada’s chin came from a serrated knife. When Zadorov confessed at the time, he mentioned a box cutter. They also want the court to take into account that the same judges who had heard their client’s original case also heard the appeal.

According to the defense, the claim by another expert witness for the prosecution, police Superintendent Yaron Shor, that bloody shoe prints found at the scene were Zadorov’s, was “weak,” and there is no proof that the shoe prints belonged to Zadorov.

ACCORDINGLY, Dr. Haim Sadovsky explained how innocent people – before they know it – confess to the most heinous crimes. Basically, as a by-product of massive psychological pressure (brought to bear by high intensity interrogation techniques, certainly valuable when a suspect is guilty) confessions are elicited, guilt or innocence notwithstanding. Simply put, when an onlooker rightfully queries: why would an innocent person confess, the answer (for the most part) lies within the body’s reflexive physiological response (for this discussion, it is too complicated to go into specific components) to a seemingly hopeless and pressurized situation.

NOT only that, before Zadarov’s trial his cellmate chatted him up, on instructions from the police. He was a jailhouse informant, another coercive method used to build cases. Thereby, Zadarov theorized: perhaps, in an unconscious state, he may have committed the crime! At this juncture, he didn’t know if he was coming or going. In plain-speak, he would have admitted to being Jack the Ripper, if asked. After all, the Police said they had DNA/forensic evidence, alas, who was he, a poor and undocumented laborer, to argue with these seasoned professionals. Besides, they were packing heat.

AS you will soon see, indeed, the Police and the Prosecution LIED! In Hebrew fabricators are coined: שקרנים. I call them: bastards.

NOW, let’s get to the heart of the case, the Exhibits.


IN fact, there were so many severe issues with the case, even his so-called “confession” was incontestably tainted. Let’s start with that, since the Police and Prosecution believe that this “admission” sealed his fate. NOT so fast.

FIRSTLY, a backgrounder: some of us are familiar with the methods utilized to elicit false confessions; intensely coercive interrogative techniques. You know, the oft bandied about “good cop/bad cop” tag team approach. Oh dear, it’s not just a tactic used in tv shows. “It be” reality. How do I know this? Well, straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. Several interrogators (seasoned Detectives, from both the U.S. and Israel) admitted as much, albeit off the record, when interfacing with them for this and that investigative info. Let’s just term it: quid pro quos.

SPECIFICALLY, according to several credible experts, the following explains the physiological and psychological components of a false confession. Hence, the creation of the highly successful Innocence Project, a U.S. non-profit to counter these miscarriages of justice. 

In an effort to find out what leads innocent people to making false confessions, researchers from Iowa State University launched a study that measured numerous indicators of stress, such as blood pressure, heart rate and nervous system activity.

The results showed that stress levels increased for all participants when they were first accused, but they were significantly lower for the wrongly accused. Researchers said that’s a concern because it can make those who are innocent less likely to vigorously defend themselves in a real interrogation.

“The innocent are less stressed because they believe their innocence is going to protect them and they think everything is going to be OK, so there is no reason to get worked up over this accusation,” said Stephanie Madon, an associate professor of psychology and researcher for the study.

“But if you’re going into a police interrogation and you’re not on your guard, then you could make decisions that down the line will put you at risk for a false confession. Because once you talk to police, you’re opening up the chance that they’re going to use manipulative and coercive tactics,” Madon added.

Madon, along with Max Guyll, an assistant professor of psychology, said that minimization is one of those tactics used in interrogations and the tactic they used in their study.

As Guyll explained it, by minimizing the severity of a crime, investigators try to convince the person they are questioning that it’s in their best interest to confess. Although it’s initially easy for the person to defend his or her self, they start to wear down over time.

“If you’re brought in late at night and kept for several hours, you’re exhausted, and you have these investigators who are in a position of power. They’re challenging everything you say and they’re not accepting anything you say,” Guyll said. “That pressure starts to take a toll physiologically and there’s a greater chance you’ll give up and confess.”

As one can imagine, once an innocent person ends up making a confession to a crime they did not commit, the stress they previously minimized starts taking a toll.

THIS same critical aspect was deeply explored in Dr. Haim Sadovsky’s book: “Innocent Condemned”. Specifically, it was penned in relation to Zadorov’s confession because his interrogators not only menaced him, but they “led” him in the direction they wanted him to go!

INTRINSICALLY, several layers of lies “supported” the confession. Compromised. 

HAVING passed the ubiquitous lie detector test, his interrogators told him he failed. You got that? In any case, his legal team has a written document, one which states that the Police lied to him to get him to confess –  http://www.kr8.co.il/BRPortal/br/P102.jsp?arc=563003. Twisted.  
IT gets more Orwellian: the Court also has proof that Zadorov passed the lie detector test  http://www.kr8.co.il/BRPortal/br/P102.jsp?arc=977550 . Truth be told, those involved with these particular outrages should be locked up, not Zadorov. The Police assert: since lie detector results are not qualified as “proof” in Court, therefore, they do not have to give his defense team a copy. Perhaps, but are you sensing a pattern of bad behavior? Malfeasance, at the very least. 
ALREADY in a hyper state of confusion – resulting from contributory physiological/psychological stressors – the interrogators “led” him through the crime scene. In other words, as the following video will demonstrate – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grIuuOpHDPE – Zadarov indeed had detailed knowledge of the crime scene. After all, he was schooled by his interrogators! Is it any wonder that they crowed: yes, he is “guilty”, only the killer would know such intimate details. They have no shame…no standing…in the Court of public opinion.
AND like in any murder investigation, whether in the U.S. or Israel (western systems), the requisite questions are: where were you during such and such time? with whom? In this regard, Zadorov complied and told the truth: he was on the phone with his employer DURING the time that the murder took place. For the record, he produced his cellular bills. Back up.
WELL, since they couldn’t hang him on their own established time frame, what did they do? They changed the time of death to disprove his alibi! Yes, the Police, at 18:01, are in full lying mode – 

MOST essentially, the Prosecution and the Judge backed up every piece of tainted evidence. Is this not kangaroo “justice”?


INCREDIBLY, the Prosecution’s most “solid” evidence, a purported shoe print, was best summed up by an expert among experts: non-existent. Can you believe it? You better. 

ACCORDING to William Bodziak, a Special Agent for the F.B.I., the shoe print evidence (I repeat) doesn’t exist, at least in relation to Zadarov! For the record, this link is germane and explanatory – http://www.kr8.co.il/BRPortal/br/P102.jsp?arc=621191.

READERS, let these bombshells sink in. But hang on…there’s more. Adding fuel to the Prosecution’s misfiring, not only is Bodziak world-renowned in this arena of forensicshe taught shoe print forensics to Israel’s so-called experts ! Credo quia absurdum. Again, can you believe it?

Dr. Bodziak has written a book on the topic of footware identification W.J. Bodziak, Footwear impression evidence: detection, recovery and examination (2nd ed.), CRC Press, London (2000).Between O.J. Simpson’s civil and criminal trials, pictures showing O.J. Simpson in Burno Magli shoes were discovered. The existance of these shoes was evidence admitted to the civil trial, when the Mr. Bodziack restated his testimony. There were multiple pictures produced as evidence from different cameras, since it was alleged the first pictures were forged.

“William Bodziack, an FBI agent and one of the country’s most foremost experts on shoe print impressions, testified that the prints were left by Bruno Magli shoes, style Lorenzo, incorporating a Silga sole with a waffle-type print. The footwear, manufactured in Italy, retailed for $160 per pair and was sold by only 40 retailers across America. In all, only 300 pairs of size 12 (Simpson’s size) were ever sold. Only 9% of the population wore size 12. Simpson had denied ever owing a pair, calling them, “ugly-ass shoes.”However, on September 26th, 1993, AP photographer Harry Scull Jr. had taken pictures of Simpson wearing these exact shoes at the Rich Stadium in New York.” 



DESPITE a VERY BLOODY crime scene, the defendant’s DNA was nowhere to be found. Incredulously, more than 100 DNA samples of hair in blood and fingerprints in blood were found on the scene, yet NONE of them belonged to Zadarov. How could this be, if he was the killer? Was he “ghost-like”? Trenchantly, to whom did the treasure trove of evidence belong? Could it be the real murderer(s)?

INCREDIBLY, the DNA samples matched Rada’s “friends”! Have mercy.The Police, non-deterred, told Zadarov that the DNA was his and that was that. As detailed, false confessions are elicited under EXTREME psychological pressure, with attendant physiological breakdowns becoming the coup de grace.

NOW, one has to wonder, why did they ignore the linkage to her “friends”? 

 ALAS, even the victim’s bereaved mother, Ilana, wasn’t buying the dog and pony “justice” show. She had serious doubts that Zadarov was the killer. The evidence just didn’t support the Prosecution’s case. Period.
MORE pointedly, she repeated her doubts throughout the trial, and even during the investigatory phase. In fact, one such media representative (who asked for my assistance, to get to the bottom of things) has interviewed Tair’s grief-stricken mother several times (plus many others), and she is sticking by her convictions that Zadarov is innocent. Mind-blowing.Tair Rada’s MotherIlana Rada, said Monday that she had lost all faith in the police and that she did not believe that Roman Zadarov, was the killer. Rada said she believed that other children had killed Ta’ir.Rada added that she believed children belonging to a satanist cult, of Blood Libel, killed her daughter.
ADDED into this fiery mix, the crime scene, at Nofey Golan High School, was such that the preponderance of evidence led in the direction of students, some of whom were her “friends”, as mentioned.
NOT only that, whereas her group of intimates were generally in good communication with her, this was not the case for about a week before her death. Highly suspicious. According to Tair’s mother TOTAL SILENCE ensued. A blackout of sorts. Why?
MOST tellingly, one of these same “friends” ran away from school, after Tair was murdered. Folks, pay heed: as most moms of teens, the victim’s had a particular insight into her daughter’s relationships. Apparently, she had concerns about some emerging jealously factors towards her daughter. In a nutshell, she had reason to worry. So, when the aforementioned girl took flight, Tair’s mother demanded that the Police find her and conduct an interrogation. Strangely, once she returned she was questioned, albeit in a totally non-serious manner. Could it be that this girl’s familial relationship, to a Senior Police Officer, had something to do with her “light-handed” treatment? It’s a fair proposition.
ANYONE who follows the news has heard about teens killing teens, whether male or female. A particular case is worth noting/viewing: Two Teens Allegedly Stab Best Friend To Death. 
FOR added insight, Nofey Golan High School has a proven record of severe violence, even though noted for some academic achievements. They include: knifing, prostitution, drugs, burning teachers cars, you name it…peer within:  http://www.kr8.co.il/BRPortal/br/P102.jsp?arc=153873
 Nofey ain’t Disneyland!
CONSEQUENTIALLY, in false confessions, there will always be gaping holes, even when coached along by the police, as to what really happened. In this instance, Zadorov referred to an instrument he used for his employment; a “Japanese” knife. True to form, the Police and Prosecution lied, in order to match his false confession! Smooth-bladed became their new watchword.
More than two years after the conviction of handyman Roman Zadorov for the 2006 murder of 13-year-old Tair Rada in Katzrin, the Supreme Court has ordered the case reopened.The Nazareth District Court was instructed to hear the testimonies of two defense forensic experts.The internationally renowned American forensics expert William Bodziak, whose specialty is footwear impressions, will argue that contrary to police claims, not only is there no match between stains on the victim’s jeans and Zadorov’s shoe, but that there is no shoe print at all on the bloodied garment.Pathologist Dr. Maya Forman-Reznik will assert that the murder weapon was a serrated knife and not the smooth-bladed box-cutter of police contentions.The court’s intervention must be welcomed by all Israelis who care to see justice served – and that without presuming to opine on Zadorov’s guilt or innocence.From the outset too much in this case aroused extreme discomfort about both police and prosecution conduct.Their strident opposition to reviewing the case, despite the possibility that exculpatory evidence might be presented, should in itself prompt more than a few troubling questions. 
DESPERATE to pin the murder on Zaradov, two well-respected forensic experts enter the fray, raising the stakes even further.
FIRSTLY, Dr. Maya Forman-Reznick wrote about the knife and attested to the Court that it was indeed serrated. Big difference from the police’s assertions, at least in terms of pathological findings. The Judge was incensed at the pathologist. As a result, the Court threatened to get her fired from her post!
ENTER: Dr. Chen Kugel, head of the Medical Juridical Institute. Lo and behold, this week, he concurred with Dr. Maya Forman-Reznick: Tair was murdered with a knife that has teeth (http://www.kr8.co.il/BRPortal/br/P102.jsp?arc=976818)! However, the Prosecution says that she was murdered with a “Japanese” knife that is smooth-bladed (http://www.nenohi.co.jp/en/wa.html). Again, it must fit the “confession”.
Pray tell, why would the Prosecution fight to keep Israel’s Chief Pathologist from testifying as to his professional findings? Curious and curiouser…
THEIR hammer-like blows to Israel’s system of justice worsen, if you dare imagine. Just this week the Prosecution pressured Dr. Chen Kugel – as Israel’s Chief Pathologist at the Abu Kabir Institute of Forensic Medicine – to change his testimony! Essentially, to lie. Their breach of public trust was “necessary”, lest his testimony overturns their verdict. A judicial system gone haywire…out of control…so much so, they threatened their Chief Pathologist! Nothing short of criminal.
BUT as a professional with integrity, of course, Dr. Chen Kugel refused to perjure himself. Outraged, he went to the media. Bravo. A man after my own heart.
MOST dangerously, within Israel’s justice system, there exists an “unholy trinity”; the Prosecution props up the Police, regardless of non-kosher evidence, and the Judiciary and the Prosecution act in lockstep. In any sphere of accountability, the above is a clear violation of a Judge’s sworn oath to preside over a non-tainted trial. Intrinsically, freedom relies upon an independent judiciary, whereby the evidence of a case stands, or falls, on its own merits. Anything less becomes a slippery slope down the abyss.
EGREGIOUSLY, further compromising the justice system (and to the detriment of the defendant, but to the benefit of the Prosecution and Israeli Police) reportedly, due to lack of “space”, valuable DNA is destroyed, never to be retrieved again. Unconscionable.
IN essence, as imperfect as the U.S. system is, DNA (forensic) evidence is preserved, even many years after a crime has been committed.Thus, truly innocent people have been freed, through safeguarding said vital materials. In fact, “cold cases” are solved through DNA/forensics recovered, then preserved, from crime scenes.
BUT knowing my way around the Police domain, well, I recognize that hell will freeze over before the Prosecutor’s office admits (under their own steam) they incarcerated the wrong person. It ain’t gonna happen, even if her mama demands true justice for her beloved daughter, as well as for Zadarov.
STILL, that doesn’t mean that the rest of us should pretend that what is isn’t, making justice that much more elusive.To the contrary. Keeping this case (and others similarly compromised) before the public eye is Zadorov’s best hope for a fair and truthful hearing. 
AS is said in Israel, sach ha’kol … at the end of it all …סך הקול 

… an innocent man is rotting in jail, one who was railroaded to fit the narrative and “close the case”. Unconscionable.
A travesty of justice! That’s a wrap – for now.

Obama’s Assassination Team(s):Taliban Trade, Bowe Bergdahl, “Necessitated” Eliminating Investigative Journalist Michael Hastings…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

HUMAN nature is such that an overload of horrific news works to the advantage of the dangerously malignant, particularly those who wield the levers of world power.

IT is as if a (mental) survival switch kicks in and echoes: enough…maspik…מספיק…NO more bad news! Let’s close our ears. Understandable. In fact, this blogger and investigative journalist has every good reason (on a personal and professional level) to play deaf, dumb and blind, perhaps more so than most. Walk a mile….But there are times when not listening to said inner silencers, by stepping outside ones cocoon and comfort zone, can be life-saving. This is one (out of countless) of those times.

AND while only the comatose or willfully blind are unaware of political assassinations – yes, as an American-Israeli, am fully aware that Israel has its share too, but let’s not go there, at least for now – the fact of the matter is that Obama Inc. follows in the less than illustrious footsteps of those before him, particularly the bloody footprints of the Clinton machine. Hit team par extraordinaire.

IN this regard, several reports were written about the “mysterious” deaths of investigative journalists and other “liabilities”; those who came too close for Obama Inc’s comfort. Indeed, few are unfamiliar with the strange circumstances surrounding Andrew Breitbart’s death, its timing. This does not include Loretta Fuddy’s demise, the only one to perish from a stranger than strange plane crash. Huh.

IN a court of law, a prima facie case can be made to bind Barack HUSSEIN Obama – and henchpeople – over for trial, six degrees separated, or not, from said deaths.

BACK to the political assassination of Michael Hastings…

AS demonstrated at this site, Hastings had to be eliminated. Devious as that. Unreservedly, several commentaries were necessary to build the case.

Case One: 

SPECIFICALLY, in July 2013, many questions surfaced, regarding the “mysterious” car crash which took the life of Michael Hastings. The uncovered anomalies had no relationship to the sad fact that countless die in automobile accidents. However, this was NOT an accident, as demonstrated within.

Case Two:

ALMOST immediately, a follow on report ensued. It was not for nothing. Yes, at this juncture it became clear that a hit was taken out on Hastings. Resultant, it was obligatory to point out all of its “strangeness”.

ENTER: CIA’s John Brennan via a targeted assassination. To an absolute certainty, Hastings was in the midst of building a case against the head spook! In tandem, he was knee deep in exposing the NSA’s out of control “techniques” too. All of it traced back to Obama Inc.!

CURIOUS and curiouser. A head scratcher.

Case Three:

There’s more. Do readers recall this “mysterious” death? 


Major probe tied to agent suspected of sanitizing president’s passport records

WHO can keep up….

REGARDLESS, as promised, an absolute tie-in existed between the Traitor-in-Chief’s release of top Taliban terrorists (held by U.S. forces) and the “sanitizing” of an anti-American soldier, Bowie Bergdahl. This traitorous road backtracks to the assassination of Hastings.

CONCOMITANTLY, Hastings was working on providing tangible linkage behind the terror trade. Admittedly, VERY dangerous terrain.

Tie-In One:

ON a very basic level, the Islamist-in-Chief collaborated with the Taliban to release stone cold TOP terror leaders. There is no doubt about this aspect, as reported at this site.


OMINOUSLY, CIA’s John Brennan, himself a Muslim convert, would never allow Hastings to continue his investigation. He reached a critical juncture in his findings, whereby Brennan’s murderous role – as contract killer – would become clear to all, once reported. This was a “bridge too far”, the “fourth estate” be damned. Demonstrably, he was chosen as CIA head for a multiplicity of reasons. Put on your thinking caps…

BEFORE you read any further, click on the following video. Resonant.

VIDEO – http://www.westernjournalism.com/traitor-bowe-bergdahl-linked-michael-hastings-murder/2/

At the time Rolling Stone reporter Michael Hastings was killed under suspicious circumstances, he had recently written a huge exposé on Bowe Bergdahl, revealing that he had deserted his unit and actively sought out the Taliban. Hastings had also revealed Bergdahl’s anti-American sentiments, publishing the emails to his father that so shocked America: “I am ashamed to be an American…The horror that is America is disgusting.”
This revelation actually came in July of 2012, when Hastings published a ten-thousand word article on Bergdahl, in which he had traveled to Afghanistan to speak to his former platoon mates, the soldiers violating their gag order to speak to Hastings anonymously. Hastings had also visited Bergdahl’s parents in Idaho, where he presumably obtained the emails.
When we saw Obama pawing Bowe Bergdahl’s mother and hugging his father last week in the White House Rose Garden, this wasn’t how he was treating them in 2012. The Obama administration in 2012 had “encouraged” his parents to keep their mouths shut. The father, Robert Bergdahl, had gone on a very public crusade, criticizing the Obama administration for killing Afghanistan civilians, and had even said that one of the Taliban captors of his son had his child murdered by a CIA drone—mirroring events in the popular Showtime series “Homeland”.

This was stated at a very public GOP fundraising event in 2010 hosted by former RNC head Michael Steele. Robert Bergdahl had also just posted a video on YouTube, where he appealed directly to this son’s captors, stating: “…We must also thank those who have cared for our son for almost two years…We have wept that God may show his beneficence, his mercy and that his peace may come upon the people of Pakistan. As-salamu alaykum [peace be upon you].”After this, the Obama administration actively sought to keep the lid on Robert Bergdahl and Michael Hastings’ reporting of Bowe Bergdahl, as secret FBI documents now reveal.A 22-page secret FBI report dated June 11, 2012, obtained by investigative reporter Jason Leopold, shows that both Hastings and former Afghanistan war veteran and co-writer Matt Farwell were under an intense FBI investigation in early 2012. The document is highly redacted; but it appears Hastings and Farwell were under direct FBI surveillance, including when they met with Bowe Bergdahl’s parents in 2012.

Keep in mind, at the time of Hastings’ death, the FBI had denied they had ever investigated Hastings, despite Hastings sending out a frantic email hours before his death with the subject line: “FBI Investigation,” stating that he was being investigated. Also included in the body of the email was a reference to a “big story” he was working on. This “big story” turned out not to be about Bergdahl, but an investigation of then-terrorism czar—now CIA head—John Brennan, per Hastings’ widow. After Hastings’ death, all of his notes and documents on Brennan were suppressed—and this “big story” never appeared in Rolling Stone.

The Obama administration had also been successful at suppressing the fact that Bowe Bergdahl was essentially a traitor and that his father was not far behind. Bowe Bergdahl’s father, Robert Bergdahl, has been tweeting out a stream of anti-American propaganda for months. Three days before his son was released,Robert Bergdahl called for all Guantanamo Bay prisoners to be released, not just the five Taliban generals Obama ended up trading for a traitor. When social media grabbed the tail of the Bergdahl beast last week—exposing the Bergdahl father and son treachery—the Bowe Bergdahl beast could not be stopped by the Obama spin machine.

And it may be the Brennan beast may also rear its ugly head.

According to the book Benghazi: The Definitive Report, John Brennan runs the secret black ops army JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command)—that operates with zero oversight—outside the purview of Congress, the Courts and even the Pentagon—essentially giving Brennan more power than the President of the United States! One of JSOC’s major functions is to make sure weapons are flowing unhindered to rebel groups worldwide that are on the side of the United States—including the al-Qaeda-linked rebels in Syria. At the time of the attack on the Benghazi consulate on September 11, 2012, JSOC and the CIA were housing a huge cache of weapons at the secret CIA base near the consulate, which also later came under attack. Per the book Benghazi: The Definitive Report, this is the reason why Barack Obama could not send help to Americans under attack in Benghazi and later blamed a “protest turned violent” over an obscure internet video. JSOC’s transfer of weapons to the rebels in Syria at the time was illegal, and sending in the cavalry to save Americans would have exposed Brennan’s illegal operation.

IN one way or another, the fact that Hastings started to expose treacherous “black ops” (relating to Afghanistan in particular, by extension, to Brennan’s weapons running in general…with MORE to come in future explosive reads), clearly, he became too much of a liability. His fate was sealed. Six feet under. May G-d have mercy on his (and others, similarly “disposed/dispatched” ) soul.
MIND you, a preponderance of investigative journalists are linked, one way or another, with those who have deep knowledge (either as part of certain operations, or connected to those involved…let’s just leave it at that) of black ops. In this regard, risks are assumed. Indubitably.
NEVERTHELESS, said hit teams are generally attributed to Putin’s Russia and dictatorships world over.
NEVER mind the summary executions in the Islamic world. However, America’s (heretofore) status, its mantle, as leader of the free world, is in grave jeopardy.
AS mentioned from the onset, Obama Inc. is not a lone actor – within the history of the Executive branch – to utilize political assassinations. Nevertheless, he has upped the ante, in ways which are frightening for the free world. Absolutely.
IN effect, the Criminal-in-Chief has crossed the rubicon on a multitude of levels, and western civilization will pay the price. This is the case even if he – and his gang of outlaws – winds up behind bars!!

Islamic Barbarism “Koshered” By Barack HUSSEIN Obama:Ramadan Serenade Tells The Treacherous Tale…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

THERE are many levels of mendacity, though some rise above the rest. Dangerously and exponentially so.

INTRINSICALLY, on a multiplicity of fronts, the Islamist-in-Chief attempts to deny Islamic terror, as if their bloodletting has nothing to do with Islam! His tactics run the gamut; whitewashing their barbarism; ignoring it altogether; lending them assists, and using silencing tactics via AG Holder’s “lawfare” – end-runs – ala “Islamophobia”

ADDING insult to grave injury, his obfuscations grow larger every year, even as their worldwide bloodletting intensifies against Christians and Jews through jihadi warfare!

IN fact, Obama’s treachery can no longer be denied, since his anti-western policies have placed Americans (by extension, western civilization) in greater danger than ever before. Indisputable.

SO what has the Islamist-in-Chief done this time? He feted and fed the Islamic monsters, urging them onward towards America’s destruction…yallah…يا ألله…let’s get going…hurry up…

President Obama’s (June 28, 2014) Ramadan Speech On the first day of Ramadan, June 28th, President Obama delivered an address for the Muslim faithful in the United States. In this address he expressed sympathy for Gazans, especially those who have had Ramadan celebrations foiled by Israeli missiles.

Most significantly, President Obama equated Islamic principles of Ramadan with American values: “I…know that Ramadan is a time of intense devotion and reflection…reciting and listening to the entire Koran over the course of the month. These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings.”

But is this true or even remotely true? Ahmed Shehad, a prominent Canadian imam said two days after the president’s speech that “The [Prophet Mohammad], peace and blessing be upon him, used to carry out jihad during the month of Ramadan and to order his companions to strengthen themselves for encountering their enemy…”

What the president has consistently asserted is a false equation of values which generally misleads a gullible public and media spokesmen inclined to reflexively adopt the president’s position. He also manages to confuse a utopian view of Islam with the actions of Hamas and other terrorist groups that claim to act in the name of religion. While the Koran can be read and interpreted in a variety of ways and has its pacific and militant passages, there is little doubt that if you accept the principle of “abrogation” – that which came later has greater validity than what came before – “the verses of the sword” or violence to promote the spread of Islam is countenanced, alas promoted.

Comparing Mohammed with George Washington is absurd on any level. Suggesting that the Koran and the Bible are similar is an argument for the ignorant or the innocent. Suggesting that the principles of the Founders and the comments by Mohammed in the Hadith are comparable is absurd.

Peace, as a word in the West, means tranquility, a time when people and nations give voice to different viewpoints and opinions in an atmosphere of openness and mutual respect. Peace in Islam is that time after the swords have been dropped because they are unnecessary. Peace is at hand since victory has been achieved. A global caliphate has been imposed and opposition in the form of different religious beliefs doesn’t exist. Words are the simplest expression of ideas and President Obama must know that tolerance – to cite a word he employed in his speech – means something quite different in Islam and Western Civilization.

For Muslims, there cannot be tolerance for infidels; the non-believer must be forced to cast aside his convictions or face financial penalty or death. Tolerance only exists for those who share the faith. In the West, there are many paths to salvation. No one is permitted to impose his religious doctrine on others, a condition memorialized in the First Amendment to the Constitution. “Advance justice,” “dignity,” “tolerance” are words put through the cauldron of political ambiguity. They have no real relationship to Islam, at least not in any conventional sense. Does President Obama realize this? Perhaps this is his plea for world cooperation. Unfortunately it is difficult to cooperate with those who are resistant to another point of view.

BEYOND a scintilla of a doubt, this site has proven that the Anti-American-in-Chief meant every word he told to his ghostwriter (yes, he was not the primary author of Dreams From My Father or Audacity of Hope, but let’s not digress) when he exhorted:   In “Audacity of Hope” he writes: “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” The quote comes from page 261 of the paperback edition of “The Audacity of Hope. B. Hussein was writing about the injustices suffered by some in America. In that context he wrote that sentence. Will injustices in America ever go away completely? No. We live in an imperfect world. Therefore, will the situation ever arise by which Muslims in the United States will cry out for B. Hussein to lean in their favor. Of course. And will he?

BESIDES, no amount of spin, from whichever direction, will change what the POTUS said. His calculus. The intended meaning was crystal clear. Remove the wax from your ears, if you must. It will be a lifesaving procedure. Not only that – though his words were uttered in relation to Muslims in America – readers must fast forward to his two-term Presidency and it becomes indisputable: he is Islam’s best friend worldwide!

SIGNIFICANTLY, while he opines over the plight of Gazans, he ignores worldwide Christian slaughter, and treats kidnapped and butchered Jewish teens as less than worthy of mention, other than the requisite blah, blah noises. Consequentially, he purposefully fails to admit why Hamasnick (terror) clans are unable to enjoy their Ramadan. The stampeding elephant in the room. They are genocidal barbarians, pagan blood slaughterers, as they use their own children as cannon fodder. Human shields.


SO, this blogger will correct, for web posterity, his dastardly Ramadan message: may Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his fellow Islamists rot in fiery hell, as they worship their monstrous pagan Allah! May the Jewish G-d of this blogger’s forefathers – Abraham, Issac and Jacob  – vanquish this scourge upon humanity! Faster…faster…


CASE CLOSED. INDICTMENT SEALED – against Barack HUSSEIN Obama and his Brotherhood Mafia!

Obama, Israel’s Enemy, Islam’s Best Friend;Committed To Israel’s Destruction.PM Netanyahu’s Failure Of Leadership…The Guideposts…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

President Barack Obama

REPEATEDLY, ad nauseum…ad infinitum…this site has warned: Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a clear and present danger, not only to America and Israel but to western civilization. That’s a mouthful.

AGREED, in general, such a sweeping statement sounds so over the top it is easy to dismiss it as hyperbole. Crazy-talk. Alas, have no fear, this blogger remains in good company. A stalwart American patriot, ex Rep. Colonel Allen West, has publicly stated the same thesis.

On Wednesday, former GOP Rep. Allen West minced no words,calling Barack Obama an “Islamist” whose administration is “working counter to the security of the United States of America.” And, he added, “all” of the evidence points to that conclusion.

According to West, that is the only way one can rationalize Obama’s actions regarding foreign policy, especially on matters pertaining to the Middle East. He cited six specific examples:

  1. The unilateral release of five senior Taliban back to the enemy while the enemy is still fighting us.
  2. Providing weapons of support to the Muslim Brotherhood-led Egyptian government — F-16s and M1A1 Abrams tanks — but not to the Egyptian government after the Islamist group has been removed.
  3. Negotiations with Qatar and Turkey, two Islamist-supporting countries.
  4. Negotiations with Hamas, a terrorist group.
  5. Returning sanction money, to the tune of billions of dollars, back to the theocratic regime led by Iran’s ayatollahs and allowing them to march on towards nuclear capability.
  6. Obama’s evident support of Islamists in Libya.
MANY others are finally jumping on board. Better late than never. Welcome to “Adina’s world”. Heartburn.
YET, even when the proofs are so overwhelming and manifest, countless still equivocate, preferring to deny the obvious by burying the evidence in the sand. On the other side of the spectrum, the verily malignant agree with said anti-western outcome! Damn them…
FOR the absolute record, being that this site’s inception coincided with the campaign for 2012, several high decibel shout outs came from this quarter.  
Shout Out One:
WITHOUT mincing words, this blogger predicted: ushering in Barack HUSSEIN Obama for a second-term would be nothing short of a national disaster. To wit, how’s that for a prognosis, as America keeps sinking further down the abyss since his re-election?
Shout Out Two:
Shout Out Three:
TRAGICALLY, three weeks after his re-election it was mandatory to recap, once again, the awaiting western disaster: treason by any other dressage is still treason; the POTUS and his Brotherhood Mafia! As prognosticated in Nov. 2012, the level of treachery, in a little less than 2 years, has come to pass. How could it not?
NOW, exposing the Muslim Brotherhood is a top priority for this investigative journalist and ground zero is always the best place to begin the hunt. Resultant, in relation to the Islamist-in-Chief, even if one attempts to ignore his childhood Wahhabi roots, his adult alliances are more than resonant.
CONSIDER his close relationship with (the late, non-lamented) Edward Said, an Islamist and close collaborator with the godfather of suicide terror, “Chairman” Arafat! Yes, having connections with some who “watched” Said’s reign of terror from his perch at Columbia U., it should be understood: what is written about him, re his anti-American, anti-Israel, anti-western activities, is merely the tip. Let us leave said “birdies” out of the mix. Nevertheless, the following speaks volumes but just scratches the surface:
IT is within said association(s) and mental prism that one must view the Islamist-in-Chief’s latest treachery. Visceral hatred. Obama’s, for lack of a more accurate descriptor, fu-k you to Israel.

A new report reveals that US President Barack Obama’s administration stopped a shipment of missiles to Israel late last month and tightened weapons shipment procedures to Israel, as tensions between the two nations grow amid Operation Protective Edge.

The report in the Wall Street Journal, released Wednesday night, cites US officials in Obama’s administration, who say they discovered Israel had requested a large number of Hellfire missiles directly through military-to-military channels. An initial batch of the missiles was about to be shipped, according to sources in Israel and the US Congress.

At that point, the Pentagon stepped in and put the transfer on hold. Further, top White House officials instructed various US military agencies to consult with the US State Department before approving any additional requests from Israel.

A senior Obama administration official was quoted in the report as saying the transfer shouldn’t have been a routine “check-the-box approval,” given Israel’s defensive operation in Gaza against Hamas, which is recognized as a terrorist organization by the US.

The decision to clamp down on future transfers was the equivalent of “the United States saying ‘the buck stops here. Wait a second…It’s not OK anymore,'” said the official.

A Israeli defense official confirmed the reports to Walla! on Thursday, saying “the US delayed a shipment of Hellfire missiles to the Israeli airforce.” He added “apparently it was (done) on the background of national tension” with Israel.

Obama has been at odds with Israel over the defensive operation in Gaza, making various attempts to press Israel into accepting a truce with the adamant terrorist organization of Hamas. Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reportedly responded to the pressure by telling the administration “not to ever second guess me again,” after Hamas committed one of its many ceasefire violations.

Currently a new five-day ceasefire has come into effect as of Wednesday at midnight, with Obama calling Netanyahu shortly thereafter to push for a“sustainable” ceasefire.

According to US officials cited in the Wall Street Journal report, the Wednesday night phone call between Obama and Netanyahu was “particularly combative.”

“Discovering” military-to-military arms transfers

The report noted that on July 20, ahead of the Hellfire missile cancellation, the IDF asked the US military for various munitions such as 120-mm mortar shells and 40-mm illuminating rounds, without the knowledge of Obama’s administration.

Three days later the request was approved by the military, without Obama or US Secretary of State John Kerry being approached for approval, given that their approval was not required for such a transfer.

A US defense official added that the standard review process in such requests was properly followed.

The transfer without Obama’s unnecessary approval was followed by asimilar incident ahead of the Hellfire cancellation, which occurred the same day as the July 30 IDF strike on terrorists adjacent to a UN school, which the US slammed as “disgraceful.

In response, the IDF confirmed it targeted Islamic Jihad terrorists in the vicinity of the school. Previously the IDF provided video evidence that Hamas fires rockets from inside schools; further, UNRWA schools have been used in at least three cases to store Hamas rockets, after which UNRWA repeatedly returned the rockets to Hamas.

On the same day as the UN school strike, US reports said the 120-mm and 40-mm rounds had been released by the US army to the IDF, with one Obama administration official saying “we were blindsided.”

A US defense official responded, saying “there was no intent to blindside anyone. The process for this transfer was followed precisely along the lines that it should have.”

Demonstrating the tense ties between Obama’s administration and Israel, a senior official of the administration told the Wall Street Journal “we have many, many friends around the world. The United States is their (Israel’s) strongest friend.”

“The notion that they are playing the United States, or that they’re manipulating us publicly, completely miscalculates their place in the world,” added the official.

The US decision to tighten down on arms transfers to Israel comes as the UK is threatening similar actions. On Tuesday, the British government threatened to suspend 12 arms export licenses to Israel if fighting resumed in Gaza.

Lessons Learned:

THE fact of the matter is that if one truly subscribes to professional (and personal) integrity and honesty as ones barometer, one cannot, one dare not, let PM Netanyahu (other top Israeli leaders too) off the hook, in relation to “taking care of urgent business”. How so? For if “Bibi” had any inclination to finally end Hamas’s reign of terror – their decade-long missile attacks upon Israel’s population centers - destroying Hamas’s top leadership, their command and control center, is a prerequisite to said victory. In effect, such an operation, according to top Israeli military experts, should have taken place the first week of Israel’s latest – out of numerous such “campaigns” – smoke and mirrors show. This site’s high level defense-related contacts concur. Understood? 

INHERENTLY, the heavy-duty ordinances needed for such an operation have always been at the ready, current re-supply needs notwithstanding. Yes, hell fire missile “hold ups” by the Islamist-in-Chief are the mark of an avowed enemy. Let there be NO doubt. 

The Obama administration has tightened its control of arms transfers to Israel, requiring White House and State Department approval for even routine munitions requests by Israel, according to the piece.

“Instead of being handled as a military-to-military matter, each case is now subject to review – slowing the approval process and signaling to Israel that military assistance once taken for granted is now under closer scrutiny,” the story said.

The report came out on the same day that the Istanbul-basedHurriyet Daily News reported that the US cleared a potential $320 million advanced medium-range airto- air missiles sale to Turkey “amid increasing security risks in the region.”

STILL, the question begs: why wait until supplies run low, if, in fact, the goal is to put an end to the attacks? Common sense dictates that enough missiles be reserved for the coup de grace, not for the “tit for tat” responses, or the bizarre, counter-intuitive, mantra “quiet will be met with quiet”. Truly, when operating against a genocidal foe, what kind of rational leadership would ever adopt such an Orwellian “strategy”?  Indeed, as a result, Israel’s missile supplies are wasted on attacking empty buildings via the smoke and mirrors show, all the unintended, yet unavoidable, collateral damage beside the point.

REGARDLESS, in reality, Israel’s PM (for a host of reasons, best left for another discussion) has decided in the negative to remove the threat in its entirety, and will accede to as many “case-fires” as it takes to keep from toppling the top terror leadership. Believe it – or not. 

NEVERTHELESS, the above Israeli malfeasance towards its majority Zionist public does not obviate Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s palpable hatred. It just gives “Bibi” a tailor-made excuse for not FULLY vanquishing an admittedly genocidal foe. History will be the judge….this American-Israeli is just stating things as they are. Period.

MOST significant of all, the heretofore leader of the free world is aiming for America’s and Israel’s jugular, whatever it takes! Concomitantly, the rest of the west will fall. That’s the plan… almost on track!

THE fact that Washington effectively owns (you read that right) Jerusalem’s decision makers (for decades) makes the Islamist-in-Chief’s task that much easier. Hmm…the ever “elusive” IDF victory, at least since 1973, understood for what it is. More succinctly, for what it isn’t!


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